One Stolen One Given Up

When I wake up I usually pick up my phone and read through FB and comments here on my blog. Today I got stuck on FB reading all those posts about Kate Spade. And I felt sad.

Sad not because I knew her but because for someone who seems to have everything in life to take her life being only 55 made me feel sad. But then what do we really know? All we see is a successful fashion designer. We have no clue what she’s dealing with on the inside, in the privacy of her life.

While I was reading up on it a text message arrived. When I saw who sent it I knew immediately it wouldn’t mean good news. See, he doesn’t text really… I thought that maybe I was wrong and maybe he needed help with the kids today for whatever reason. Maybe it was not about what I feared it would be.

But it was. My friend passed away over night. Peacefully in her sleep. I really hope it was peacefully because she fought a hard enough fight for way too long.

I find myself sitting here with a whirlwind of thoughts in my head about how different the stories of my friend and this stranger ended. One wanted to stay, one wanted to go. Both of them leaving people behind that will miss them dearly. And I can’t stop thinking that one life was stolen and one was simply given up…

25 thoughts on “One Stolen One Given Up

  1. So sorry about your friend. I so often think the same thing. Some try so hard to stay alive while others run from life. I have family who are struggling with health problems jealous for every moment with their children.

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  2. I’m sorry for your loss. I have no idea who Kate Spade is, but I’m sad that you’re sad, and sorry for the passing of your friend.

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    • To be honest I only heard of Kate Spade because of my friend who loves her designer handbags. Sad to see how someone struggles so much with their life to want to end it. While someone else would do everything to stay alive.


  3. Another death… too much lately. I saw the stuff on FB about Kate Spade also and it made me sad. I will be 55 this year and I can’t imagine my life ending at such a young age. I will be attending a funeral today of a dear friend’s father. He was only 69 and it was unexpected. My best friend’s dad passed away in April and 3 of my classmates have lost parents in the last few weeks. My heart hurts and I am so sorry you have lost your friend… prayers and peace be with you dear Sandra. ā¤

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  4. So sorry for your loss! Sending prayers to your friends family! I too hope it was peaceful. You are right about not knowing what someone is going through. Exactly why we need to be more patient with people. And nonjudgemental! HUGS!!

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  5. I’m so sorry about your friend, I’m glad to hear the passing was peaceful as I’m guessing she may have been in some pain, but I’m still so sorry for your loss. Much love to you.

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