Blast From The Past – Bumble

I recently read that the bumble be is now officially threatened from extinction. And it made me sad. Sad because we manage to kill off another species, sad because I love watching bumble bees fly and sad because of what the bumble bee stands for for me: A massive inspiration and motivation. I remember the day my friend who is in a wheelchair since an accident skiing mentioned that quote about the bumble bee not being able to fly but how it doesn’t care or know and goes on flying anyway. It’s this thought that keeps me going so very often. Let’s make sure the bumble bee is not going extinct. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a post about bumble bees from back then as a Blast From The Past…

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This just made me giggle. The word bumble. I’m not sure what’s the first thing coming to mind in your case when you read “bumble”. I guess for me it would have been a bumble bee. But ever since last year it’s a girl. Yup. A soccer playing girl. With the nick name Bumble.

For the entire time she is now part of the team I was wondering where the nickname is coming from. To the day I have never asked her or the parents. When I first saw that name on the team list I thought that she might “bumble” around, maybe she would be a bit clumsy. Because let’s be honest, the definition of the word “bumble” is kind of making you think that…

verb: bumble; 3rd person present: bumbles; past tense: bumbled; past participle: bumbled; gerund or present participle: bumbling
  1. 1.
    move or act in an awkward or confused manner.
    “they bumbled around the house”
    synonyms: blunder, lurch, stumble, wobble, lumber, shamble, shuffle, stagger, totter, teeter, reel, weave, pitch, muddle, flounder, falter; More

    “they bumbled around the house”
    blundering, bungling, amateurish, incompetent, inept, unskilful, inexpert, clumsy, maladroit, gauche, awkward, inefficient, muddled, oafish, clodhopping, stumbling, lumbering, foolish, useless;
    crude, botched;
    informalham-fisted, ham-handed, cack-handed
    “Sherlock Holmes’ bumbling sidekick Watson”
    antonyms: efficient, expert
  2. 2.
    speak in a confused or indistinct way.
    “the succeeding speakers bumbled”
    synonyms: ramble, babble, burble, drivel, gibber, blather, mumble, mutter, stumble

    “by comparison all the other speakers bumbled”

For me a bumble bee is fascinating but not really the most agile animal (without wanting to take anything away from them) in the world. So I figured that Bumble might bumble around on the pitch rather than being a skilled player. Boy, was I wrong. Bumble does not bumble around. Bumble doesn’t mess around. Bumble is fast and skilled and fun.

So there it was again. The situation in which you assume something to be the case but it’s not. There I am assuming stuff in regards to Bumble and also the bumble bee. Thinking of the bumble bee as being clumsy and not too skilled. And while the girl taught me that I was wrong in regards to her, the bumble bee can’t really prove me wrong. While I’m typing this I think about the bumble bee that is actually aerodynamically unable to fly but does it anyway. About it’s heavy body, thin and sort of little wings and how it looks heavy. But it flies. It’s out there proving theories wrong, flying from one point of interest to another, in all it’s glory.

And once again I start thinking about assumptions we make. Like in regards to the bumble bee’s body. Assuming it would be too heavy to fly. And yet it does, proving us wrong. Highlighting how far off we are with our assumptions and hopefully teaching us the lesson to stop assuming things. The lesson of just because other people think in a certain way about something we do or what we are, we don’t have to match their assumptions but rather prove them wrong.

Just like the bumble bee does with us.

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