So Far…

I had the privilege to watch Pink live yesterday and it was amazing. I will not bore you with a post about how inspiring I find her. I will not tell you how happy I am that my daughter was there with me and hopefully got the message she was spreading. I will not mention how much my son liked the show and the music and how impressed he was about her performance. And I will not let you know that I almost feel like having a crush on her…

What I would like share is how much one song touched me and how much it made me think of my best friend.

I listened to the song, the music and the lyrics. I could relate. I don’t know if my strong feelings were triggered by the recent loss of a close friend of mine or if I’m getting hormonal due to my age. But that song touched me. In a very strong way and deeply.

How often do I wish that I could play Barbies in my room again with my friend. And even if it would only be for a short moment. It’s not that I desperately want to play Barbies again. I could totally do that every day with my daughter and I’m sure she would be happy to offer this chance to me. It’s also not that I wish I could change anything. It’s just because it would be wonderful to being able to spend some of that time again with her, with that innocence we had back then, that joy, the giggles. Not a worry in our lives besides one of us having to go home again and having to do homework. We lived just for us, no responsibility but our ponies. Always someone to fall back on.

Hard to describe what went through my head while Pink was singing Barbies. I guess I just missed my friend a lot in that very moment. It was one of the rare, almost non-existing moments, in which I wished we wouldn’t live on opposite sides of this planet. A moment I wished we could just catch up for coffee and get our kids together and watch them play. Spend time together. But she is so far away… so far.

Hey Cee, now I know why teleportation would make sense… I could just spend a day with my friend.


Another day, another sin
Another day I’m late again
Oh, just like that my money’s spent
Where did it all go?
Another night, another heart
Another one leaves in the dark
And I’m searching for my counterpart
Where did it all go?
And I lock every single door
And I look behind me even more
Now turned into someone that I swore I would never be
I wish I could go back to playing barbies in my room
They never say that you gotta grow up, quite this soon
How fast things change, and now I’m here
And all I wanna doIs go back to playing barbies in my room
I see it on my father’s face
Another line that comes with age
I know that time will have its way
Where did it all go?
They say that things were simple then
Although I don’t remember when
I wanna know what happens next

12 thoughts on “So Far…

  1. You got to see Pink! Sounded like you and the kids had a great time. Her songs were part of my growing up teen years. So lovely that you could relate to Barbie…sometimes we just want to go back to our younger days because life was so simpler back then and we had less things to worry about. Hope you remember this great night for a long time to come 🙂

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  2. I am in total agreement with you Momma, P!nk’s lyrics and her show stirs one emotions! She is a terrific performer and storyteller, a strong lady to guide younger ones. Good read this morning Momma and nice to think about my childhood friend. Happy Wednesday to you.

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  3. Awh! That is a touching song and yes I would love to go back to the “Barbie days” sometimes too! It is hard when close friends live so far away! Glad that in that moment of the song you felt close other. Music is so powerful!

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  4. Pink and Christina Aguilera, mostly through their thoughtful lyrics, made me want listen to popular music again at the time when Britney Spears and rap dominated the radio airwaves of the stations that my kids liked when I still had to drive them from place to place, before they could do it themselves. Taylor Swift and Shania Twain were also popular then, and I liked them for similar reasons. I still like to listen to 3 out of 4 of these ladies. Sometimes I think Ms Swift may have regressed, though her songs that have more recently been recorded by country artists indicate to me that, for commercial reasons, she is sharing her regression with only her pop audiences these days.

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