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Never forget… I know exactly where I was, who was with me, what we did and how we felt when we heard of what was happening. I watched on the news how the second plane approached and how it hit too, still numb from the incredible “incident” that happened before. I remember my feelings when it became clear that this was no accident…

I didn’t lose anyone. But my husband had only returned from NYC a couple of days prior and we had friends living, working in and others visiting NYC. One of the friends visiting was a flight attendant and they usually had brunch in the restaurant in the tower the morning after they flew in. She was supposed to be up there. But luckily one of them forgot the wallet in the hotel room and they were running late and never made it to the towers.

When I say let’s not forget, I don’t mean the terror, the horror, the fear. I mean let’s not forget that we never know what the next moment brings. We never know what will happen next. So hug your loved ones, settle the argument, hug each other, tell the important people in your life what they mean to you. Don’t wait for the special occasion. Do it when you feel like it… and live your life!

11 thoughts on “9/11

  1. This is true. We have to value each moment with our loved ones. I was totally clueless when everything happened. I was in a dormitory and just heard the buzz about the crash. So unimaginable.

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  2. Where were you when the towers fell? I was working on Long Island, and when I came out from work, I could smell the city, even though it was 40 miles away. You are right about staying close to loved ones and telling them how important they are to you.

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  3. So very true about what we should always remember. So glad your husband and friends were safe! Can’t imagine being your friend and knowing that if I hadn’t forgot my wallet and been running late…….!

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    • It was a very interesting experience as we called her mum who knew she would be up there and was trying to get a hold of her, which wasn’t possible. Only hours later they managed to talk and I can only imagine the horror the mum must have gone through in the meantime. They were lucky. Others unfortunately not so much.

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