Share Your World – 9th September, 2018

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This is the second official “Share Your World” hosted by “Sparks“ and I have to say the challenge is what it always was: An exciting and fun Q&A. I’m so glad someone took over and the challenge did not simply disappear. Now let’s see what kind of questions we have to answer this week:

Are You A Better Listener or Speaker?
I don’t know. I often think I’m not listening well enough. But then I get told that people like to talk to me? I guess I pick up on things that are not really put in words. The between the line things, you know. Not always easy to deal with that as you are never really sure if what you picked up on is really a message the other person has for you. And now I’m actually doubting how good it is that I can do that. I recently read somewhere that kids who grew up in an abusive environment or with parents with mental health issues can become masters of reading between the line. Because it’s a survival instinct kind of thing that kicks in. It said that they’d pick up much faster on body language, the hidden messages, the tone of voice, the mimic and that kind of results in receiving the hidden message others might not be able to see.

Now I didn’t grow up in such a difficult environment. And I guess what I mentioned above probably goes much further. Actually to the point where it becomes an issue for the involved person as they then almost can’t handle being around other people. And that’s definitively not the case for me.

Sorry for getting off track here! So am I a better listener or a better speaker? I would probably say I can speak. And I don’t mind doing it in front of people.

If You Were Asked To Design A Warning Label That Would Be Tattooed On Your Skin, What Would It Say?  (Credit for this question goes to a blogger Sparks just started following.  You can read more about her by clicking here. )
Oh tricky! I don’t know… given my answer to the first question it might be “talks a lot”… but I guess that is not necessarily worth a warning label tattooed on my skin. Maybe more like “be aware that you unleash a force you cannot stop if you keep poking”. Having said that, I would probably not like to have a warning label tattooed on my skin at all. People have to experience me. And I will give warnings if they go to far, so the explosion might be an intensive one and can come quickly but it will never happen without warning.

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What Are You Passionate About?

My family. Our quality time we have together. That’s my biggest passion. Something I always new but only just recently realized how deep it actually goes…

If You Could Change One Thing About Your World, What Would It Be?
Not having to sweat the “little” things any longer. Being able to get rid of all the tiny stress factors that pop up every now and then. But having said that, I guess they all are necessary to make us grow further and get us to where we are supposed to be.

What Gave You A Reason To Smile This Past Week?   
Watching my kids wrestle in the sand a couple of days ago during a walk along the beach and my son doing a “Neymar” while playing tag on the beach… The rules were that we were not allowed to tag someone who fell over. My daughter stumbled while I was chasing her and fell and so we came up with that rule, which then led to my son “accidentally falling” all the time… We all had a great laugh and needless to say that he won the who-brings-home-the-most-amount-of-sand-in-shoes-and-cloths competition…


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