10 thoughts on “Don’t help

    • True and yet a big challenge. In most schools here they work on iPads. I know a lot of parents struggle with this as it’s hard to determine if the kids are actually doing school work or play on their iPad.


      • Yes, absolutely. The friend I was thinking about re the iPad has a teenage son. She works full time. He is a good boy but he is a boy. Supervision is tricky as you need to give them their independence too and show them some trust. I agree though, that checking every now and then is definitely important.

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      • Theirs so much bad that can trick kids to think anything over the internet. It’s quite scary. An iPad is a privileged and must be treated like one. It’s quite sad, small kids with cell phones and Twitter accounts, I can’t see that logic.

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      • The crazy thing is that parents allow them to have those accounts although it’s not legal. We had this discussion so often with our son “but why can my friend have an account and I’m not allowed to?” Because we care…

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  1. Mine were forever climb UP things on their and then asking for help to get down. I never helped. I told them, “If you got up there on your own, you can get down on your own, too”. They always did. (they may have been mad at me for a little while, but it was worth it)

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    • Hahahaha… I see the “if you can get up there you can get down” as a great way of teaching them and I also see why they’d be mad at you… hehehe… might have been a moment of earning the worst dad of the world award 😉

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