Copyright A Momma's View

Copyright A Momma’s View

Life changed almost a decade ago, when we packed our son and our dog and some of our stuff and moved all the way from Up Over (Switzerland) to Down Under. Not only have we settled in very well but we’ve now also become proud citizens of this beautiful country called Australia.

The wide open space and the variety this country has to offer has always fascinated both, me and my husband. Australia has so much to offer! I love the mountains you find here, as I grew up in the mountains. And as you know, you can take the girl from the mountain but you can never take the mountain from the girl… (or similar…). I also love the beach, the bush and wide open vast land. I love the different seasons, the sun, the rain, the heat and the cold. And I need them all in my life. Nature is important to me. I need to be in touch with it, in which ever way possible. I’ve found it. All of it. Down here in Australia.

I feel like that there is always something going on and the days just pass by so fast. My two gorgeous kids (one boy and one girl), my husband (I love him to bits), as well as our two small dogs (they are like Yin and Yang), the blind cat and our two lazy lizards  always add a little bit of excitement to my days.

Most of the things we do, we do just like everybody else. But then there are some things we just do slightly different. This and so much more will be, what I am going to write about on this blog. The things we all have in common and the things we do differently…

You will find out that this here is not your typical Mommy Blog. It’s not your typical Homeschooling Blog and it’s for sure not your typical Expat Blog. When a blogger a little while ago mentioned that this blog is more like a Lifestyle Blog I considered it for a little bit. And maybe that’s what it is. It’s my personal lifestyle blog. You will read about my life as a woman, as a wife, as a mom, as an expat and as homeschooling parents. You will read about what inspires me and what makes me sad or mad.

Oh, and if this is not enough: I share slightly more about myself here.

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