I love to hear your thoughts about my posts and my thoughts. I love interacting with you guys. I respect your point of view and I hope you show me the same amount of respect. So please follow this little guidelines:

I love to share some pictures and my thoughts with you. Please be aware that they are my thoughts and my pictures. Copyright, people! Feel free to share but credit me for it or even better: How about asking before using my content?

Creative feedback is always appreciated

I don’t mind short comments like “Thanks” or “Cool” or “Love it”. But I also appreciate it if you put a little bit more flesh on the bone and let
me know what exactly you liked.

I don’t mind long comments but be aware that I might stop reading half way through because I get busy with something else. So the right length wins the point 😉

Mind your manners and your language

Don’t try to sell something to me. If you really really want to try to sell something to me: Use the ‘Contact Me’ form (but be aware: If I want to buy something I will contact you)…

Don’t get personal

Please show respects to my commenter as well. Respect is the key!

I am open to your opinion and I will not delete a comment just because you don’t agree with me. However: I will not hesitate to delete a comment if it is too harsh, gets personal or is lacking respect towards me or my followers/commenter. After all, we are a happy bunch of people doing what we really like: Sharing our thoughts and writing…

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