Stargazer – Did You Know… #atozchallenge

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The stargazers are a family of perciform fish that have eyes on top of their heads (hence the name). The family includes about 51 species (one extinct) and are found worldwide in shallow and deep salt waters.

In addition to the top-mounted eyes, a stargazer also has a large, upward-facing mouth in a large head. Their usual habit is to bury themselves in sand, and leap upwards to ambush prey that pass overhead. Some species have a worm-shaped lure growing out of the floors of their mouths, which they can wiggle to attract prey’s attention. Both the dorsal and anal fins are relatively long; some lack dorsal spines. Lengths range from 18 up to 90 cm (giant stargazer).

Stargazers are venomous; they have two large venomous spines situated behind their opercles and above their pectoral fins. Some species can also cause electric shocks and have a single electric organ consisting of modified eye muscles, while other species have theirs derived from sonic muscles. They are some of the few marine bioelectrogenic bony fishes, the other being the striped catfish.

Stargazers are a delicacy in some cultures (the venom is not poisonous when eaten), and they can be found for sale in some fish markets with the electric organ removed. Because stargazers are ambush predators which camouflage themselves and some can deliver both venom and electric shocks, they have been called “the meanest things in creation”…

Now, originally I didn’t want to write about stargazer fish. I wanted to touch base on star gazer babies. I’m not even sure if it is a thing in English but when my son was born or better during birth of my son, he sort of got stuck on my pelvic bone while on his way out. He was what they called a star gazer baby and lifted his head up in a way that is not part of the normal movement a baby goes through during birth. This then led to his head getting stuck and in the process we needed a little bit of help to get him out. I loved the description they gave it as it made things so clear but also gave it kind of a nice touch.

A Posterior baby (Occiput Posterior, or OP) means that the baby is also head down BUT the back of its head is towards mom’s back and baby is facing towards mom’s front. Other names for the OP position include “stargazer” or “sunny side up” because the baby seems to be looking “up” at the sky when mom is lying down.”

So while I was trying to find the right way of describing it on Google I also found the stargazer fish and it’s pictures made me share it as a Did You Know post…

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Respect Earth – #atozchallenge

Earth is beautiful and we really need to take care of her. She is home. In all her beauty and diversity.

When I was pregnant with my son, our first child, I had a wish. The wish that he will grow up to respect the earth, its animals, nature and of course people. I would say that he is on the right path so far.

It makes me sad to see what a lack of respect a lot of people have. When you walk you see rubbish everywhere. People through it out the window while driving. Some don’t care to recycle although it’s really not that big of an effort.

I know that there are people out there doing much more than I do. I drive my car, I heat the house, I cool the house and so on. But I try my best to do my best.

Sometimes I think we should consider the world for what it is. Our home. And I think you would probably not mess our home up the way we mess up the earth…


Quality Over Quantity – #atozchallenge

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I often am amazed about how something that is made out of the same ingredients can turn out so very different. You use the same quality of ingredients and the same quantity and yet it all reacts differently.

Just like the other day when I made my home made Turkish bread. I put in what I always put in and with this I actually follow a recipe. I was distracted though and only remembered to put the yeast in when the dough was kneaded already. It turned out pretty good but it was almost like a different dish.

Now this is not about my Turkish bread or any other of my dishes. This is actually about people. Little people to be precise. My two little people. It’s also about quantity and quality. And it’s about friendship.

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Oasis – #atozchallenge


We all need our own personal little oasis from time to time. A place where we can go to recharge, to reconnect, to simply be. When thinking of an oasis I see an island of some sort. Either an island on water or a green island in the dessert. But I also see the places before my inner eye that I love to be at. Places I know I find my peace, my energy, my connection. So I thought today I share some pictures of some of them.

So for me an oasis doesn’t have to be that island in the middle of now where. It’s more of the relieve it gives me.

Of course I always find my oasis on a hike through the forest. Even while talking to someone. Because there will always be the moment you can find peace, breathe deeper and take away what you need.

I also find my oasis on early mornings at work, or late nights when leaving work. When it’s still or already quiet. It’s the time I enjoy the most. When it’s just you and maybe some few other people already working or late to leave. It’s that feeling in the morning when you brace yourself for what is about to come, when you get ready by taking these couple of breaths. Or when you are done after a busy day. When you feel like you can finally slow down again. It’s moments like these that make me feel like I have reached my oasis.

It’s being close to the ocean, soaking up the sun, or watching it go down. It’s also sitting in the car watching the storm come in, the waves crash ashore and the buildings disappear in rain and clouds.

It’s being out there and looking at the world through the camera lens. Only seeing what the lens allows you to see, focusing on that tiny little bit of world. Focusing only on that part.

It’s the big rock in the middle of the huge dessert that makes you feel so tiny. When you stand there in the middle of all the other tourists looking at the red color of Uluru and although you wish nobody would be there but you, you still find that little bit of oasis in just only focusing on what’s ahead of you.

It’s being at home and feeling like home is my oasis. The security and warmth it gives me. When I realize that my home is my oasis but also that home is where my heart is and in that sense that my oasis lies deep down inside of me and nobody will ever be able to take it away from me…

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Neighbors – #atozchallenge

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I could tell you all about our lovely neighbors we had to leave behind when we moved from Switzerland to Australia. The lovely couple next door, always happy to have a little chat or the family next door whose kids kept our little boy giggling. I could tell you about the other family in the neighborhood with the horses. People I’m still friends with.

I could also tell you about the weird neighbor we had over the first 6 months in Australia. The lady in her mid 40’s who came home with another guy every night, in the middle of the night to then play “Hotel California” full blast and waking not only us but for sure the entire building. I could tell you how I knocked on her door at 1.30am only to hear her say after she turned the music down “oh it’s the neighbors again, let’s just pretend we are not here…” Duuhhh… Well, in her defense, she was drunk most of the time and in hindsight I feel sorry for her. I guess as many guys as she took home as lonely she must have been. Quantity doesn’t make for quality, right?

I could also tell you about the two lovely ladies we had as neighbors over the last five years at different places. The kind of “can I adopt you as the grandma of my children” kind of ladies. The ones that made you feel good when talking to them. The kind that takes time out of their schedule to tell the kids stories or explain something to them. The kind of neighbor that allows you to use their oven when yours suddenly breaks down in the middle of making a roast.

Or I could tell you about the lovely neighbors we have now where we live. The entire street we live in is lovely. The people are lovely. It’s a real community.

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Miracles – #atozchallenge

So many people take what we have for granted. They consider it normal, they don’t see the little magical things anymore and they for sure are not looking for the little wonders out there any longer. It makes me sad to see people like that. They seem “grey” to me.

Grey because they don’t see the color of the sky as something pretty. It’s just the way it is. They don’t smell the different scents in the air, don’t realize the difference of crisp early morning air in fall or winter to the fresh air in summer. For them it’s just about breathing in and out and not even that is appreciated.

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Love – #atozchallenge

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How can you possibly measure love? Have you ever thought about it? I do sometimes. Especially when my boy who is now fighting the ups and downs of his teenage life asks me who my favorite child is. How can you possibly answer this question? Or if he asks me about how much I love him.

I get the questions. I get the feeling of not being the favorite child. I guess everyone who has a sibling has found themselves thinking the same thing. I get the urge to know how much someone actually loves you. But there is simply no way to actually explain it. As there is simply no way to measure it. I mean, you can’t say I love you x grams or ounces or liters, volts, watts or meters…

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Judgemental – #atozchallenge

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I was tossing between writing another post about the tiny but powerful word “just” or sharing my thoughts about “judgemental” once again. I know I have written often about my take on judging but as it is something that is present in our lives all the time I find we can address it on multiple occasions as well.

What I find interesting is that we often judge without actually wanting to. It’s like a reaction we can’t control. Suddenly there are those thoughts popping up in our mind, thoughts that paint a picture about someone or make us receive a situation in a certain way.

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