Blast From The Past – Who Will Go Further

“And where do your kids go to school?” It’s a question I hear pretty quickly when having a conversation with another mom while waiting at one of the kids activities. Well… with the ones I have not met yet ;-). We then chat about the homeschooling path we chose and about the school they picked. Today was no different.
One thing was different than usual though. While we were talking about our different approaches, the conversations quickly changed to how lucky we are that we had the education we got and the one we are able to offer to our children. We had this realization that we are actually very blessed, that our children are also lucky to grow up in an environment where education is possible for everyone. And this made me think of the following post that I’d like to share again today as a Blast From The Past.

I grew up in a nice environment. My parents loved each other, we had a nice house, everything we wanted to have, always enough food on the table and a cozy bed to sleep in. We also lived in a safe country with good schools. Education was never something to worry about. It was just normal.

When something is normal you usually don’t appreciate it enough. It’s just there. We headed to school, spent the day there learning with new books and from supportive, motivated and good teachers. Well… most of the time. Some of them seemed to be over it. Looking back now, knowing what can go on in other parts of this world, it was a so called luxury problem. They were still all amazing and we for sure always walked away with more knowledge than we had before.

It’s not a given.

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Blast From The Past – Legalize Or Not? What Makes The Difference?

Do you have this thing called “Dry July” as well? The challenge to not drink alcohol for the entire month of July? Well, we do down here. And I decided to try to tackle it. And while I realize how much I enjoy my glass of wine in the evening and also how I feel like I miss it at the moment, it also makes me think about what addiction actually is. It’s not only physical. It’s mental as well. My body doesn’t react cold turkey style but my mind challenges me every evening when I sit down on the sofa. It challenges me in asking for that glass of wine every time our dinner is served. A good lesson to learn and a great challenge to go through. Not to speak of the realization that comes with all of this. So I decided to share a Blast From The Past in regards to drugs today…

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Blast From The Past – Water


Today I feel it inside of me. This longing. This pulling. The urge to go there. I need to go see the water, spend some time close to it. Smell the salt and the sand, the ocean. I want to hear the waves, want to look out over the blue and turquoise, watch the seagulls. I know I have to head to the beach. To recharge, to get inspired, to feel myself again. Here’s in a Blast From The Past how much the water actually means to me…

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Wind In My Face – A Blast From The Past

It’s a cold early winter day. The wind feels almost icy on my face. I walk our dogs but my thoughts are somewhere very different. Not here in Australia and not with the dogs. I feel the cold wind on my skin and it takes me back to my childhood. I remember the day so well. It’s one of the days that is so clearly there still. Not a foggy memory. It’s almost like watching a movie.

We are in the back of a valley, it’s winter. I’m riding the white pony of a friend. His fur is long and on the tip of the hairs there are little, tiny ice drops from his sweat. The snow under the hooves crunches with ever step the pony is making. I’m young. I’m not an experienced rider yet. My Dad is there. Right next to the pony, holding on to it. I remember him wearing all black. Black, long and thick coat and a black beanie. We were talking about so many things, things a girl my age care about. We talk about the local ice hockey team. Yes, I still remember this. So many years ago.

So many beautiful moments spent with him and this one is still here. Like a movie I’m watching over and over again. While I walk back home I know I want to share a post I wrote about it once again today. And I know it will be one of the days I will spend thinking about him a lot. Maybe it’s one of the days I will head to the beach. Later today. Sit there and let my mind travel back and “spend some time with him once again”…

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Blast From The Past – The Story Behind A Door

Just recently a friend and I talked about how we really only know the surface of things. How we only see what people want us to see and know only what they want us to know. The happy family might not be as happy. The fit friend might not be as healthy as we think. And the beautiful house might not look as nice and shiny in the inside as it does from the outside. I’m still thinking about what we discussed back then and I can’t help but sharing a post from last year as a Blast From The Past in which I talk about what might lie behind a closed door…

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Blast From The Past – Chop Down The Tree

Image result for quote right of education

I had a couple of conversations recently about the fantastic school systems in place in Europe, mainly Scandinavia. Where play time is huge and the approach is much more open to educating children than in some other countries. I read up a lot on their approach and I have to say it makes so much sense. Education is key for our children, I guess we all agree on that. But it’s also important that they have time to discover who they are. That they have time to recharge and most of all: Time to be kids.

While we are fortunate enough that we can choose what education we want our kids to take advantage of, not everyone can. There are many children who want to learn but simply can’t. Because they don’t have the schools or the schools simply don’t care for them. I wrote a post about this subject a while back and would like to share it again as a Blast Of The Past as I think it’s crucial to not forget about them. Everyone should have the right of education.

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Blast From The Past – Keeping A Promise

While I watched my daughter the other day playing, I loved to see how innocent she still is. It’s something that I admire. There seems to be no real worries, no real fears. I’m glad that she feels that way. Glad that we can make her feel so safe. Without wanting to try to go crazy I also realize how big the chances are that things can change drastically. Without fault of any of us. Of course that’s the moment my smile sort of goes away and my thoughts take a slight other turn. Suddenly all those numbers pop in my mind, the promises I made to her to keep her safe, the realization that other parents most likely have made the same promises but were unable to keep them.

This is a Blast From The Past about keeping a promise.

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Blast From The Past – Who Was In The Car?

I had a couple of sleepless nights over the last weeks. It happens. The mind wanders and once it starts heading out there it doesn’t stop. The things I hear become stories, I wonder what is going on out there, who is still up and why and where are they heading. Sometimes I think books could be written by simply writing down what I’m thinking is going on. Maybe I should. Do you do it too? Think about what they do and why they are out there? Why the car speeds up or slows down at 2am? Who might be in there?

Here is a Blast From The Past about my sleepless nights…

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Blast From The Past – Moral Compass And The Next Generation

Sometimes I can’t help myself getting annoyed about the approach some of the young instructors my children deal with in regards to their activities have. Just today I looked at my husband and asked him if he thinks we were as lack when we were so young. I know that we made mistakes and looked at things a little bit differently than now. But canceling activities last minute over and over again or simply forget about it? I don’t think so.

I’m not sure what it is. If it’s the upbringing, the making sure that people understand what responsibility actually is or simply the way many young people approach life nowadays. Please don’t get me wrong. I know there are good examples and bad examples out there. It’s always been like that, it’s still like that and it will always be like that. But can it be that certain things simply slip through cracks now because of the general attitude that is out there?

It made me think of a post I wrote a couple of months back and I’d like to share again today. I would love to hear your take on it when you are done reading…

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Blast From The Past – Writer’s Block?

Image result for image words flow

It has gotten to me too. That thing called writer’s block. I have thought about it often, read about it even more. So many bloggers experience it. This lack of inspiration or ideas. I wondered when it would struck, if it would at all get to me too. It did. So I figured that I share a couple of my thoughts about it today. Together with a post from a while back as a Blast Of The Past.

For weeks now I struggle with the usual flow of ideas and words and I don’t really know how to tackle it. At least I know where it’s coming from, so that’s a start. It’s not the lack of ideas. It’s not the lack of inspiration. It’s my brain being occupied with other things that weigh heavy on me at the moment.

I do have ideas but if I’m not quick enough to write them down or even write the post they disappear in the jungle of other thoughts about those issues I’m dealing with currently. Those thoughts simply take over and push everything else so far back in my mind that it almost gets lost.

I know that once everything is solved those cloudy thoughts will disappear and leave room for everything else again. Until then I need to make sure I try to keep them in check and make an effort to find the other thoughts, pull them out from their little corner and nurture them. After all, writing gives me enough pleasure to make this effort.

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