Blast From The Past – A Smile On The Run

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I consider myself a friendly person. A person who happily “gives away” a smile. I find a smile is contagious. And it immediately makes you feel better. A smile puts a smile on someone’s face. I love watching the kids smile as they do something they enjoy, watch something they like or look forward to something.

And while I was watching my daughter smile while looking at a couple of pictures of her and her friends, I couldn’t help myself smile as well, although seconds before I didn’t feel like smiling at all. I thought about how sad the world would be without those smiles. How people would probably interact even less. Suddenly I remembered a book Nicolas C. Rossi wrote and I started digging for the post which I’d love to share here as a Blast From The Past.

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Blast From The Past – White Lies

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Yeah, I got caught again. By my kids. When I was giving an answer that was… well… not a lie… but also not the truth. I was trying to find a way out of something without wanting to hurt that persons feeling. Yes, if you want to be super correct, it was not the truth. But sometimes the truth hurts, right? I mean, if you look at someone and think that they look super exhausted and probably gained a lot of weight and they then tell you how great they feel because they are on a new diet and that they fit in cloths again they weren’t able to wear… you can’t really tell them that you don’t agree. You would either not say anything or tell them that they look good. Or maybe that’s just me…

But where do you draw the line. Where is a lie a lie and where is it just a cop out? Where can you get away with it because “lying” actually doesn’t do as much damage as there would be if you’d tell the truth?

I’ve mentioned before that one of my friends is really sick. For a long time nobody really knew how sick she was. She was telling everyone that she is in therapy and that it progresses step by step while it was no longer about actually healing but trying to give her as much time as possible. Not even her family knew. So where is the line? Where is the line between protecting yourself and others and a damaging and hurtful straight out lie?

While I was thinking about this I remembered a post I shared a long time ago. After a conversation I had with another friend of mine. And I’d like to bring it up again, as a Blast Of The Past. I would love to hear your thoughts about it, so please don’t be shy and comment. Oh and: No white lies, please 😉

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Blast From The Past – Obstacles

Life always presents us with some obstacles. It’s just the nature of it. And it’s good. It keeps us on our toes and it keeps us growing. I’m enjoying a smooth ride at the moment which was long overdue. I know that eventually there will be some sort of challenges coming up and so I try to gain as much energy and knowledge to be able to ride them out as comfortably as possible. Today I’d like to share a Blast From The Past about obstacles with you. I hope your obstacles are the kind of challenges that are fun to overcome. Keep your eyes on the horizon and just keep swimming 😉

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Blast From The Past – What Would I Try?

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What if you wouldn’t have fear? What would you try? Recently I heard some kids chat about it. Broccoli was mentioned and it made me laugh. Climbing up a steep ladder was also brought up and I could relate. Jumping off the pier was another answer and I nodded. Stand up to the kid that pushed my friend at school today.. an answer that almost made me cry.

Fears come in many forms and shapes. They can seem so little, like eating broccoli. Or so big like standing up to a kid that pushes others. For the person dealing with them they are huge. I listed some of my little fears a while ago and just stumbled across the post. It made me think how fears are ours. How we all have different ones and that belittling people for a fear that seems silly to us is totally not cool…

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Blast From The Past – I Don’t Care

Last year I wrote a post about an interaction of a mom I overheard. I shared my feelings about her harsh words and what it might do to her kids. And now, 12 months on more or less I’ve met her. Had a chat with her while she was outside playing with the kids, being loving, encouraging, soft. It was so beautiful to watch. Maybe she knew that there was a chance I might have overheard this specific moment back then, maybe it was just a coincidence but while the kids were giggling and playing she looked at them and got quiet. She said: “Sometimes it’s so overwhelming to be a mom and I hate it when I lose my temper.”

We’ve all been there. We’ve all lost it. And we’ve all had regrets. We’ve all said things in the heat of the moment we regretted later. And maybe while in some cases they might stick, sometimes they might disappear because all the other moments take over. The moments in which we are who we want to be. The quiet, calm, loving and supporting parent who always is in control of every situation. The super human we so want to be.

Here is the post from back then. I personally read it in another way today than I did after writing it.

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Blast From The Past – That’s Love, Isn’t It?! By Ritu


I have this little thing going (actually have not advertised it recently), post in which my readers share who they met their special someone. My blogger friend Ritu has just mentioned that she read her story on my blog again as it will be their 21st anniversary this weekend. First of all: Congratulations, Ritu! What a beautiful anniversary!

To celebrate love and Ritu’s anniversary I figured I share her story again with all of you. Now if you feel inspired to share yours please send me an email to and share it with me so I can share with my readers. So here is Ritu’s story. Enjoy 🙂

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Blast From The Past – Bitter Sweet

Do you sometimes wonder as well why some relationships work and others don’t? Why some people who seem to be made for each other just simply don’t click or grow apart? Why others who seem so totally opposite work so well as a couple? Do you sometimes wonder what the magic ingredient is that makes a relationship last for decades? I just recently had a little chat with my daughter about this. At the moment she loves to play getting married with her Barbies (yes, we are still playing Barbie together…) and one day after we finished she looked at me and asked how it’s possible that some people break up why others relationship lasts forever.

It’s hard to answer this. Of course there are some ingredients that need to be there like love, mutual respect and attraction. But what don’t we all start there? So I tried to find the right words to explain that couples all start off more or less with the same things that connect them. But over time things change and that it depends on how they deal with it and how willing they are to grow together. I realized how hard it is to explain it, especially to a girl who so far only knows love for her parents, brother and friends.

I’d like to share a Blast Of The Past with you in regards to this. Some additional thoughts I had in relation to the same subject when I discussed it with my son. And I’d love to hear what your thoughts are…

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Blast From The Past – Be The Change

I mentioned previously in a post: I’m in a really good place at the moment and I feel there is a lot of good heading my way. A lot of things have changed and will continue to change and I’m so ready for it.

While change is not always easy, it’s necessary. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it feels easy but most of the time it’s also scary. It needs a little push, a deep breath, maybe you need to close your eyes and “jump”. But once the first step is made things start falling into place. I like to share a post from a while back with you sharing some thoughts about change and how you can be the change…

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Blast From The Past – How You Deal With Situations…

I’m back. Back in my special time of my year. The month in which people are on summer break and enjoy the beach. Or then they, just like me, work on getting everything ready and make it run smoothly for one of the most amazing events in this world. While last year the team consisted of half new and half returning people this year all but 4 are new. And once again it amazes me how amazing all those young people I work with are. They are fun, they are polite, they have an amazing work ethic. All of them have one thing in common: They make you feel good. And I think it’s the vibe people feel when they arrive. It’s why our Slam is called the Happy Slam. I don’t want to repeat myself but rather share a post from last year as a Blast From The Past…

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