Blast From The Past – Bumble

I recently read that the bumble be is now officially threatened from extinction. And it made me sad. Sad because we manage to kill off another species, sad because I love watching bumble bees fly and sad because of what the bumble bee stands for for me: A massive inspiration and motivation. I remember the day my friend who is in a wheelchair since an accident skiing mentioned that quote about the bumble bee not being able to fly but how it doesn’t care or know and goes on flying anyway. It’s this thought that keeps me going so very often. Let’s make sure the bumble bee is not going extinct. I hope you don’t mind me sharing a post about bumble bees from back then as a Blast From The Past…

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Blast From The Past – A Transplant

There is so much going on in relation to the word immigrant. And all of it made me think about my very own situation. I had a bit of a interaction with someone that was a Facebook buddy of mine. She is originally American living in Australia and had a good go about why the current policy in regards to the immigrants in the US is the perfect approach. She also mentioned more than once that people who are not American or are not living in the US should simply shut about about the immigration approach the current government has. It was then I felt the need to make a comment about the fact that she is nothing more than an immigrant as well and if she would appreciate being treated the way immigrants currently are in the US. I immediately got unfriended. Which to be honest is not a big loss.

But it made me think.

It made me think about how many of us are actually immigrants. How many of us have moved or have parents or grandparents that have moved. All of us, we are immigrants. And while I totally understand that in a country like the US you could claim that everyone who is not of Native American descent is an immigrant I believe you don’t even have to go that far. Look at the president. His own wife is an immigrant.

Shouldn’t we appreciate the fact that we were able to move to a country we chose to move to and are able to live there? I, in fact, are super grateful that I can live in Australia and raise my children here. Not because I come from a country that is unsafe to live in. Oh no. But because it was a choice. Now imagine you don’t have that choice but you have to move because your life and your family’s life is not safe were you currently are.

I don’t want to turn this into a political discussion. I just want people to think. Think about where they might have come from. And it really doesn’t matter if your background is Irish, Swiss, Syrian, Russian, English or Mexican. Think about their heritage. I want people to think before they judge. But that is probably a big ask…

I’d like to share the following post as a Blast Of The Past explaining a little bit how I feel living in a country I was not born in…

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Blast From The Past – My Dad And The Ant Hill

While Father’s Day has passed I still wanted to bring up this little tribute to dad’s everywhere as a Blast Of The Past. While it’s a tribute to every father, it’s one especially for my dad. It would have been my dad’s 97th birthday this month and of course it’s one of the times I think of him the most. All those little special moments come to mind and it’s beautiful to relive them by telling the stories to my children. Stories just like the one about the ant hill…

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Blast From The Past – For You, My Son

He is sitting next to me, reading his book. I’m joking. Asking him if he would read to me. He just looks at me with this “are you serious” kind of look. I answer him that I am and he just laughs and shakes his head. He keeps reading. And then he stops, looks at me and asks me if I’m serious. If I am he would be happy to read to me. And I see the love he has for me in his eyes. I smile at him and tell him that it’s okay. Just keep reading.

I can’t help myself watching him from the corner of my eyes. He has grown up so much. My little boy is a teenager. A teenager who doesn’t need his mom as much anymore as he used to and still does so much. A teenager who still happily cuddles, hugs and kisses his mom, even in public. A teenager who has just scored his first job and is doing great in it. A teenager who talks so much “rubbish” with his friends. A teenager with a deep voice and a good humor. A smart, polite young man. And still… He needs me. He needs his dad. Somewhere in there is still a little boy and most likely will always be.

While I think about all of this so many memories come up. So please forgive me that I share this Blast From The Past today. I just can’t help myself ;-)…

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Blast From The Past – I Remember Winter

It probably feels awkward for you reading this. Of course you all remember winter. After all it was only just a couple of weeks ago when you were last dealing with snow and freezing temperatures. You are probably over even reading the word winter.

For us though winter has only just begun. In fact it’s only just a couple of days old. It still feels funny to me, even after all those years, to consider June 1st the beginning of winter. June, July and August for me still sound like summer months. But hey, that’s what happens when you move to the other side. Things change.

I just came back from a walk with the dogs. I could get away with wearing only a sweater and I’m also not ready yet to give up on my flip-flops for the short round around the block. Temperatures are dropping though and the trees have lost almost all their leaves by now. So it’s getting real. The cold days are upon us and soon, there won’t be any flip-flop walks anymore. And while I enjoy the kind of days we will have today, with it’s warm sun and yet crisp air, I know it will get colder soon. And while I’m thinking back to the winters I went through when younger I figured I could share an older post of mine about it as a Blast Of The Past. Because let me tell you: Winters are not the same here as the winters I used to deal with. Not as cold as the winters I remember still so well…

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Blast From The Past – A Smile On The Run

Image result for quote smile

I consider myself a friendly person. A person who happily “gives away” a smile. I find a smile is contagious. And it immediately makes you feel better. A smile puts a smile on someone’s face. I love watching the kids smile as they do something they enjoy, watch something they like or look forward to something.

And while I was watching my daughter smile while looking at a couple of pictures of her and her friends, I couldn’t help myself smile as well, although seconds before I didn’t feel like smiling at all. I thought about how sad the world would be without those smiles. How people would probably interact even less. Suddenly I remembered a book Nicolas C. Rossi wrote and I started digging for the post which I’d love to share here as a Blast From The Past.

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Blast From The Past – White Lies

Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi

Yeah, I got caught again. By my kids. When I was giving an answer that was… well… not a lie… but also not the truth. I was trying to find a way out of something without wanting to hurt that persons feeling. Yes, if you want to be super correct, it was not the truth. But sometimes the truth hurts, right? I mean, if you look at someone and think that they look super exhausted and probably gained a lot of weight and they then tell you how great they feel because they are on a new diet and that they fit in cloths again they weren’t able to wear… you can’t really tell them that you don’t agree. You would either not say anything or tell them that they look good. Or maybe that’s just me…

But where do you draw the line. Where is a lie a lie and where is it just a cop out? Where can you get away with it because “lying” actually doesn’t do as much damage as there would be if you’d tell the truth?

I’ve mentioned before that one of my friends is really sick. For a long time nobody really knew how sick she was. She was telling everyone that she is in therapy and that it progresses step by step while it was no longer about actually healing but trying to give her as much time as possible. Not even her family knew. So where is the line? Where is the line between protecting yourself and others and a damaging and hurtful straight out lie?

While I was thinking about this I remembered a post I shared a long time ago. After a conversation I had with another friend of mine. And I’d like to bring it up again, as a Blast Of The Past. I would love to hear your thoughts about it, so please don’t be shy and comment. Oh and: No white lies, please 😉

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Blast From The Past – Obstacles

Life always presents us with some obstacles. It’s just the nature of it. And it’s good. It keeps us on our toes and it keeps us growing. I’m enjoying a smooth ride at the moment which was long overdue. I know that eventually there will be some sort of challenges coming up and so I try to gain as much energy and knowledge to be able to ride them out as comfortably as possible. Today I’d like to share a Blast From The Past about obstacles with you. I hope your obstacles are the kind of challenges that are fun to overcome. Keep your eyes on the horizon and just keep swimming 😉

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Blast From The Past – What Would I Try?

Image result for everything we ever wanted is on the other side of fear image

What if you wouldn’t have fear? What would you try? Recently I heard some kids chat about it. Broccoli was mentioned and it made me laugh. Climbing up a steep ladder was also brought up and I could relate. Jumping off the pier was another answer and I nodded. Stand up to the kid that pushed my friend at school today.. an answer that almost made me cry.

Fears come in many forms and shapes. They can seem so little, like eating broccoli. Or so big like standing up to a kid that pushes others. For the person dealing with them they are huge. I listed some of my little fears a while ago and just stumbled across the post. It made me think how fears are ours. How we all have different ones and that belittling people for a fear that seems silly to us is totally not cool…

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Blast From The Past – I Don’t Care

Last year I wrote a post about an interaction of a mom I overheard. I shared my feelings about her harsh words and what it might do to her kids. And now, 12 months on more or less I’ve met her. Had a chat with her while she was outside playing with the kids, being loving, encouraging, soft. It was so beautiful to watch. Maybe she knew that there was a chance I might have overheard this specific moment back then, maybe it was just a coincidence but while the kids were giggling and playing she looked at them and got quiet. She said: “Sometimes it’s so overwhelming to be a mom and I hate it when I lose my temper.”

We’ve all been there. We’ve all lost it. And we’ve all had regrets. We’ve all said things in the heat of the moment we regretted later. And maybe while in some cases they might stick, sometimes they might disappear because all the other moments take over. The moments in which we are who we want to be. The quiet, calm, loving and supporting parent who always is in control of every situation. The super human we so want to be.

Here is the post from back then. I personally read it in another way today than I did after writing it.

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