You might think “again?” But bare with me, this is not about what is currently going through my mind but just my take on the Weekly Photo Challenge. Having said that, I might actually do some reflecting too…

I love the reflecting light on water, the silver or golden color it can give the ocean and I found that the artist who created that massive stingray sculpture did a fantastic job in choosing the material that allowed the light to reflect as well.

I love the reflecting light on snow as well and I wish it would have been easy years ago to capture the light of the full moon on fresh snow. The kind of snow that covers the ground when it’s super cold. The one you can actually see the snow crystals. When it sparkles like diamonds.

There is so much beauty out there. When a ray of sunshine finds its way through as if it is a spotlight trying to capture whatever is on the surface of the water. If you don’t look up that very moment you miss out on the beauty of it.

We don’t look up that often anymore.

As children you are constantly out there to discover. Maybe it has changed too but I still find they are living so much more in the moment than we do. They want to see the magical things out there and they try to spot whatever could be hidden somewhere. We need to play the I spy with my little eye game again and actually spy the bird flying passed, the picture the cloud has formed by coincident, the different shades of red, purple or pink in a evening or morning sky.

All of it are things that can never be recreated in the stunning way that you see them in when you first spot them…


Australia is well known for it’s special, unique and also dangerous animals. One of the things that have fascinated me from the very beginning are the different kind of jelly fish that are lethal. While the box jelly is one you can actually spot and hope that you spot its body before the tentacles get to you, the Irukandji is tiny. Thankfully we do not have to worry about either of them down here in Australia’s South. Up in the North it’s a different story though and during certain times of the year you should not enter the water without either wearing a stinger suit or swimming in one of the netted areas. And even there you have no guarantee to not encounter an Irukandji.

It took us 9 years living in Australia before actually encountering the first snake in the wild. We were on a hike and it was suddenly in front of us. It disappeared very quickly which was good. My heart was racing as my son was right next to me and I can’t imagine what I would have done if it would have bitten him. He still claims that it was only a baby black-headed python but I’m not so sure about it. It think it might as well have been a tiger snake, which is one of the venomous snakes in Australia. In any case, I’m glad we actually didn’t have the time to make sure we can properly label it.

One of the locals everywhere in the coastal region of Australia is the shark. Again, I have never seen one from up close in the wild and I’m glad this is so. I do honestly think that we should cut them some slack. After all it’s not as if they jump out of the water, chase us along the beach and eat us there. When we enter the ocean we enter their habitat and actually their food bowl. I also believe that if you consider some simple rules you will be much safer too. Never swim in murky water, never swim after heavy rain and close to where rivers flow into the ocean. Basically don’t swim in the middle of the food they like to eat.


The one thing I can’t share with you here is a picture of a big spider as I always chicken out when I see one. Danger, I think! So just google huntsman spider and you will find some nice pics from many people…


Respect Earth – #atozchallenge

Earth is beautiful and we really need to take care of her. She is home. In all her beauty and diversity.

When I was pregnant with my son, our first child, I had a wish. The wish that he will grow up to respect the earth, its animals, nature and of course people. I would say that he is on the right path so far.

It makes me sad to see what a lack of respect a lot of people have. When you walk you see rubbish everywhere. People through it out the window while driving. Some don’t care to recycle although it’s really not that big of an effort.

I know that there are people out there doing much more than I do. I drive my car, I heat the house, I cool the house and so on. But I try my best to do my best.

Sometimes I think we should consider the world for what it is. Our home. And I think you would probably not mess our home up the way we mess up the earth…




Security is often found in stories. Especially stories about superheros. And when the superheros turn out to be the normal guy from just around the corner, the quirky loser even, who by coincidence gets pulled into his role it makes it even more amazing.

I could have chosen a pic of Superman, or Batman, Spiderman or Iron Man, Captain America, you name it. Ant Man is the kind of normal guy who suddenly turns into the superhero. Without even wanting it. Yes, he got the suit but it still takes him to step up and take on the responsibility. And it makes me think that we can all be that superhero. We just need to step up.


I guess the picture of a dense forest is the one most people would choose to showcase “dense“. It was the first thing that came to my mind. I find it always fascinating how tree next to tree can make you feel comfortable on one side but also intrigued on the other side.

When I was a child we heard stories of people getting lost in the woods and I never understood it really. Growing up in the mountains for me one thing was clear: If you feel lost in the forest, you simply walk downhill and you will eventually hit one of the hiking tracks and then find back home. I learned over the years that not all forests in this world are well maintained and lead to hiking tracks or ski slopes but are actually so huge and dense that you can get lost in them. Thankfully I never had to make that experience so far.

When you find yourself in one of those dense parts of the forest, realizing that a lot of light is absorbed by the trees around you and happy to have a path in front of you to walk on you often wonder what is out there. Hiding. Watching. All those animals that are happy for the dense forest in which they can hide and be safe.

And when you then walk around the next corner the forest might open up in front of you and present you with a beautiful and also magical place.



It’s funny when you look at a picture and feel as if it was you who took it. It happened to me looking at the one posted today when looking at the one in the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge. So I figured I might as well share some pictures I’ve taken a couple of years ago some take form more or less the same spot and from the opposite side.

Hong Kong is an amazing city. Huge, fascinating, beautiful.