A Transplant


For a long time now I struggle with the expression “expat”. Our journey here in Australia for sure started off as being expats but it developed into so much more. When I write about this side of our lives, trying to describe the longing we had before moving and the experience we had afterwards, I always try to find the right expression.

The words Expat and immigrant just simply don’t cut it for me. Especially when I look at their definitions:

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A Listing





Heya, asking for a little favor. A Momma’s View is now listed on Expats Blog and it would be great if you would jump over and leave a comment there to help the blog moving up in their listing. I would really appreciate it 🙂

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Changing Skin

It’s been 10 years now. It doesn’t actually feel like 10 years. 10 years since I changed skin. Not in the real sense. But it kind of feels a bit like changing skin.

It’s been actually over 10 years. 10 years and 2 months to be precise, since we’ve arrived in Australia, with us our son, 3 suitcases and some carry-on. Our belongings somewhere in a container on the way to Down Under. It’s been an interesting ride.

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Drifting Apart

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The following post was written over a year ago for another expat blog. My feelings in this regard have not changed although we’ve been back earlier this year to the “motherland”. It actually only got stronger. I don’t belong there anymore. There’s nothing that pulls me back. Of course I would love to have my friends around, catch up with them. Other than that, there is truly nothing in me that misses living in Switzerland.

I find it interesting. I would have never imagined that the “split up” would be so final. I could have never imagined that I would not miss living in Switzerland. But the cord is cut and it’s such a good feeling.

The interesting thing is that even with your friends, things are no longer the same. You are not spending time together anymore. You don’t go through the same things, you don’t read the same newspapers, you don’t watch the same shows and you don’t share the same issues of a country any longer. Everyone moves on. Just like after splitting up in a relationship.

You remain friends because it’s what you are. You hang on to what once connected you. Sometimes I wonder if it’s still there or if you just hang on to how it once was… If it’s only memories shared that still connect you and your friends. Although you keep in touch you will not be able to make new memories anymore. Not in the way you used to, not with the people you used to make them.

Here is what I wrote in February 2015:

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Question of the Day – 8/19/16

Good question and always a good think to ponder about if you are happy where you are, where you live.

Having moved from the country I was born in and lived in for up to now the majority of my life I can truly say that Australia ticks a lot of boxes for me.

Switzerland and Australia are so very different but at the same time there are so many similarities. Of course the weather, the country in itself and the language is so different. But the mentality, at least in the corner we live is pretty similar. What I truly love here is living so close to the beach and having so many sunny days. But I also love that we get the different seasons. I would definitely miss not realizing if it’s summer or winter when I step outside.

I think living in Australia suits me well.

What about you? How would you answer the question?

Dream Big, Dream Often


Question of the Day:

Is the country you live in the best fit for you?

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Swiss National Day

Today is Swiss National Day. Swiss people are a bit strange, you know. We are proud of our country but for some reason we do not really want to show it. I thought to give you a little oversight of what I truly love about Switzerland I share some quotes out of posts of mine with you:

About winter in Switzerland:

I remember those full moon nights, when I was outside, maybe on a walk with the dog or on my way back from work or from a ride out with my horse. A full moon in the mountains in winter is something amazing. The way the snow sparkles in the moonlight… it makes you feel you are walking on thousands and thousands of diamonds.

About spring in Switzerland:

The days the snow finally was gone and the mud had dried up. We were finally able to ride our horses to almost every corner of the different valleys again, although some of them only became accessible early summer due to the massive amount of snow up there. And the sun was just something else. The birds were singing again, the butterflies and ladybugs appeared again and the air smelled so fresh. It was a mixture between new, green grass, fresh damp soil. I remember sitting on a log in the paddock with the horses, just chilling while they were standing there relaxing and enjoying the warm sun, slowly shedding their fur.


About summer in Switzerland:

When I think back on how summer used to be in Switzerland I think of green fields, blue sky, green mountain tops. I think of being outside all day, enjoying the sun, maybe go for a swim in a nearby lake or in the public swimming pool.

For me it was also the time of getting much earlier and taking the horses to their pasture, to then be able to go for a ride before it got too warm. It was the days we finally could take off our sweaters and put on shorts or skirts, we could go for bike rides or just for hikes and spend time outside until way after sunset, not only enjoying eating outside, having barbecues but also a refreshing drink.

About fall, my favorite season, in Switzerland:

It’s like a scene in a movie: I can feel the slightly chilly air on my cheeks and remember the long shades while on my way back from a beautiful ride out with my horse. I can actually smell my horse, feel it moving under me, hear the dry leaves crunch under the hooves, maybe even a very thin layer of ice on a puddle or in the morning the crunch of the morning frost. Although the sun still feels warm on my skin I know that it soon won’t be so strong anymore. It’s already time to dress up much warmer, with way more layers than only a couple of weeks ago and although you might still sweat a little you get cold quite easily. Summer quickly turns into fall in Switzerland.

So while we celebrate here with some typical Swiss dishes and some home made decoration, in Switzerland they would have fireworks and typical decorations on the houses. And they would have my most favorite 1. August tradition: The bonfires on top of the mountains.

You might think I feel a little bit homesick. I don’t want to disappoint you but I really don’t. I still don’t miss Switzerland. That doesn’t mean I don’t like to think back to the beautiful sides my home country has to offer. As we Australian’s like to say: Switzerland is a beauty.

Happy Birthday, Switzerland 🙂


Blast From The Past – Farewell

As you all know today is Father’s Day on your side of the world. Today would also have been my Dad’s birthday. A day he will never celebrate again. I feel emotional. 

It also seems to be the time of the year people move. In general a time to let go I guess. Maybe time to become aware of the fact that sometimes we have to accept the fact that we need to let go, that we have to say our goodbyes. Some are final goodbyes with no chances of ever get together again. Some are a bit less drastic but still tough.

Just about a year ago we had to say goodbye to lovely friends of ours who moved back to their home country. Today we will have to do the same to people who were among the first friends we’ve met here in Australia, hence the Blast From The Past.

It feels weird.

On one side we can tell how much they look forward to going back to the country their originally from, which makes us happy too. On the other side it also hurts seeing them go. From now on it won’t be easy to catch up anymore. We have not seen them for a while and somehow you always think that you can catch up at one point anyway. And then things change, people move. Although it will never be the same again, there will always be a connection. A connection that we all will keep in our heart.

I would have loved to say goodbye in person. Unfortunately it’s one of the days where things don’t go according to plan. Not much you can do when one of your kids suddenly gets sick… So I sit here while my husband went to the farewell party and think back to last year. 

I can’t believe that it’s already a year actually. Somehow I still think we can simply call and schedule a catch up. Maybe because we are still in touch, still care for each other. The door that kind of closes will always remain slightly open, if you let it…

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Fall – How It Is Now

It’s a chilly morning. A chilly 8C here, where I live. If I wouldn’t know better I would now claim that there was actually a bit of morning frost in some places in the shade this morning. But I guess 8C is not cold enough for that just yet and I doubt that the temperature actually dropped below this mark last night.

Fall has arrived in Down Under, while spring is slowly gaining the upper hand in Up Over. It still brings a smile to my face. Everything is the other way around…

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