To My Baby Girl

It’s been a year since I’ve published the post I’m sharing today as a Blast From The Past. I was tempted to write a new one but I would only repeat myself. Things have not changed other than my little girl is a year older, a year and many centimeters closer to being taller then me. She is even smarter, even prettier and even more amazing than she was a year ago. Words can only come that close to describe what I feel for her, how proud I am of her.

My darling daughter, you are the most amazing girl in this world. I love you so very much! We all do!

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Guest Post: Sandra of Momma’s View, on Dad Coaches

Seems like today is all about reblogging. This is a reblog of a guest post I was invited to write for nobody less than Coach Daddy, a blogger I can only highly recommend reading.

I was wondering: Have you ever coached a youth team in any sport? What is your experience?

Just a dad ...

momma lede photo credit: “SIIIIIR… why…” via photopin(license)

It’s cool to find your tribe.

GAD GRAPHICEven if you just hear about them. I recently wrote 11 questions for a youth soccer coach. Quietly, I don’t officially have a team for this fall. It’s the first time since Swedish tennis player Anna Holmstrom finished fourth in the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

So, it’s been a while.

I wrote the questions for the next generation of youth soccer coaches. Dudes with accents and pointy hair and fantastic calves tend to infiltrate the sidelines of those of us out of Generation X, we of graying roofs and middle-age spread.

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Dear Children

This is a post I wrote about a year ago for Mother’s Day as a guest blogger for The Champa Tree, an amazing blog about parenting that you should definitely check out. I came across it while re-organizing the categories of my blog. I thought as it is still so close to Mother’s Day it would be a good moment to share it again.

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Blast From The Past – Stuck In The Moment

Sometimes some things just take over your life and before you realize it another day has passed by and you really don’t know how you got from the morning to the evening, from Monday to Sunday again. You might even feel like a hamster in the wheel and exhaustion kicks in. No wonder that passion sometimes is lost somewhere between Monday and Sunday and hard to find again. How would you possibly be up for a passionate night with your spouse, even though you want to be close and are still madly in love? Exhaustion just takes over and sometimes all you want to do is get into that bed rest your head on the pillow, pull that blanket up and sleep… sleep… sleep…

I bet I’m not the only parent facing moments like this… or am I? I think when you reach the point where life is no longer only about you but suddenly mainly about your family you need to put a little bit more effort into keeping the passion alive. Here’s a post I wrote a couple of months ago. Maybe it makes you want to dance too 😉

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Sport Moms

I just had a realization… I’m all of them! And if I’m not one of the listed ones I at least know someone who is.

I’m a dance mom, a soccer mom, a martial arts mom and I kind of cover a couple of the moms on the list which was recently posted on Scary Mommy. Here’s the list and then please let me explain…

  1. Long lens mom
  2. Howler mom
  3. Confused mom
  4. Bag O’everything mom
  5. Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t mom
  6. Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde mom
  7. Never there mom
  8. Pinterest mom
  9. Control freak mom
  10. Beauty pageant mom

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