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I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet. There were always dogs and at one point I actually decided to turn one of our dogs into a horse, or better a pony. He didn’t have to wear a saddle. I guess that went to far even for my Dad. But I decided that I needed to ride on him. He was a big dog. Some kind of German Shepard mix. I’m pretty sure that my Dad was lifting me up while I was on the dogs back but made it seem like I was actually riding the poor animal. I must have been 4ish back then…

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It’s the video that caught my attention. The images are stunning and those ladies do an amazing job. What I think is worth pointing out though is what is said at one stage as it reflects so many issues:

The heart of the problem is that there’s no value put on wildness…

Saying Goodbye

Very happy to have had the opportunity again to guest blog for Perse over at Far Beyond The Stars, although the reason to write this post is rather sad. Losing your four-legged partner is never fun. It actually hurts a lot.

Who Really Cares?

The big race is over. Heaps of people had fun and a German horse won the Cup.

Lots of people will try to find their way home, totally wasted. The athlete horses are hopefully well looked after and the jockeys will probably celebrate in style.

But… Today two horses paid the price. Today, the “race that stops a nation” claimed the life of two or its athletes. As the crowd cheered and went nuts, made bets, drank, partied on and eventually left Flemington, the favorite collapsed and died in his stall. Heart attack? Internal bleeding? Who knows and probably who will actually care a couple of days from now. Later today another horse was euthanized after crashing through a gate and shattering a bone.

It is part of “the game”, part of the entertainment. The game “must” and will go on…

When Horses Stop A City

phar lap

Phar Lap

It is one of those things I find rather amazing living here. And this thing is called “Cup Day”. It is a horse race. Or better, it is THE horse race! It’s part of what is called the Spring Carnival. What is pretty amazing (at least for me) is, that this race, this “Cup Day” takes place on a Tuesday. And you know what? Everything is closed. Basically nobody works! The schools are off, some of them were off already yesterday. As much as I like horses, I find it rather strange that one race brings the entire city to a halt. Continue reading