It’s Not The Mountain

How very true. It’s all about the fears we have, the worries we deal with, the obstacles we see or perceive as such. The mountain is the same for everyone. Some manage to conquer it, some don’t. 

The difference is not the mountain but the way it gets approached.

Don’t Give Up

It’s like many things and I like the comparison to cooking with potatoes a lot. When you have a mountain of unwashed and unpeeled potatoes in front of you and you know you have to wash them all and then peel them in order to create a dish. When you keep your focus on only the pile that is still ahead of you, you can find yourself getting frustrated. But when you look at why you have done already, you can gain momentum.

We often get so stuck with only looking at the obstacle or mountain of work ahead of us, rather than seeing what we have achieved so far. It’s okay to sometimes just take that short moment, turn around, look at what you have achieved and gain momentum from it. You can’t climb a mountain without taking breaks every now and then to reassess the situation, enjoy the view and have a bit of a recovery before the next step either.