Often we hold off on things because we think we have to be able to do more. Or better. In “waiting for the right moment” we miss the point. The point is to start. To do. To not wait! Because once you start, you move. And that is already the change you might need…

Don’t Quit

Funny how we look at dreams and think it’s only a “dream”… in doing so you already kind of “give up”. I think a lot about dreams and visions and which of the two words might be the better one to use.

A dream is something so wonderful. Magical. Something nice, positive. A wish. Because we see it that way we might wonder or even doubt that we’d ever get there. Maybe it seems unreal.

A vision is a goal. Something we consider achievable even if it might seem so far away, maybe almost impossible to achieve. But it’s doable. We can see a way to make it happen.

I wonder if we make our dreams more real by turning them into visions? I guess that’s why this meme has struck a chord with me.

Don’t be an ironing board! Don’t quit!