Adjust the Sails…

Sometimes our journey is smooth, easy. Sometimes it feels like battling a storm. Recently I listened to a woman talking about chasing your dreams. About dreaming big and reaching for the stars.

She said trust in the universe but also detach yourself from the outcome. The universe has plans for you and if your plans and the ones the universe has for you don’t overlap, you will be pushed into the right direction. And it will all be fine in the end.

I believe too often we fight that moment. We are so set on what we think is right that we don’t see the other options or possibilities. We fight the storm rather than adjusting the sails. And maybe we miss out on the ride of a lifetime.

So next time don’t be scared. Adjust your sails. Use the wind to push you forward and sail with it…

The Best

Why do we let others get us down? Why not being unbeatable although we had to cave in? Why not feeling untouchable although that jerk got to us? Why not feeling the best although we had a shitty day?

Just because I had to cave in doesn’t mean I’m beaten. I was just smarter or kinder…

Just because someone got to us doesn’t mean I’m hurt.

just because we had to deal with stuff that is not great doesn’t mean we have to feel bad!

Be unbeatable! Be untouchable! Feel the best!