My Picks Of The Week #52

Can’t believe that the year is almost over. This will be my last Pick Of The Week for 2016 as I will “take next Saturday off”. But don’t worry, I will continue highlighting your posts in 2017.

I hope you had a great week leading up to Christmas and that your weekend will be a very beautiful and happy one. Enjoy this special time of the year and have a very Merry Christmas, a very Happy Holiday you all 🙂

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Faking It


My Dad always spoke of moss as fresh and bright green. You might wonder what that might have to do with faking it. Well, I see honesty as fresh and bright. Like a fresh and bright green patch of clean moss. Why I have this picture I’m not sure. But it’s stuck in my head. So faking it and honesty are related to each other.

Faking it. It’s one of the things we most likely have experiences often in our life. Either from our own behavior or from a reaction of people surrounding us. As much as I’d love to live an entirely honest life, I often get in the situation where I have to choose between being brutally honest and simply faking it. And as fake as it is and as dishonest as it might seem at first glance, sometimes it’s the one thing that keeps everything together.

Hands to your heart: Can you honestly say that you have never faked it? I for sure can’t.

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End Of The Year And New Horizons


Every year at this point I wonder where I will be 12 months from now. It’s the time to reflect on the last months but also to look forward and make plans.

I struggle with the idea of new years resolutions. Not only because I know how hard they are to keep but also because I find that we don’t have to wait for a new year to start in order to change something in our routine, in our life. We have this chance every month, every week, every given day. Continue reading

Finding My Place


I just finished reading an amazing post written by Erika Kind. It’s about the question if we would do it again. I think we all have slightly different opinions about it. Not everyone would run from the chance to go back in time and change something. Not everyone will tell you that they, no matter what, would do everything the same way again because they are happy with where they are now.

Erika mentions a friend in her post who says that he would head back as he believes that life would take him to the same spot just following another path. It is honestly something I believe in too.

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