I can feel it. That sting. In my heart. So many thoughts. So many unanswered questions. The biggest one is “why”. A why nobody will ever be able to answer. Why is it… And you can add so many things to this sentence. A sentence that seems so innocent but has so much weight.

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Rainbow Colors

Every time I log into my WordPress account the beautiful colors of the rainbow greet me. And it has a very interesting effect on me.

On one side I feel happy. Because, hey, you know, a rainbow is something really pretty and usually makes you feel happy. But then it also stands for homosexuality. And all the discussion that comes along with it. And that’s where the heavy feeling sets in.

Now you probably wonder why I would feel that way and let me set one thing straight: Some of my best friends are homosexuals and I believe that your sexual preference has nothing to do with your character or who you are as a person.

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Blast From The Past – Spring How It Is Now

It’s officially spring now in Down Under and I figured it’s time to share my usual spring post with you. I promise I eventually write a new one but there’s only that much you can share about spring… 😉

A Momma's View

We spent almost the entire day yesterday and today outside and it feels so energizing. Being gifted such wonderful  days like the ones we just had just makes you feel good. The warm sun feels so good after a stretch of cold and wet weather and it almost seems like you’ve recharged your batteries…

I feel so grateful living in such a beautiful country, so close to the ocean and being able to head out and enjoy a walk on the beach whenever I feel like it. Just like today. I can’t help comparing the seasons with what I used to have back in Switzerland. Today is no different. And that’s why I decided to share a post from just about a year ago again as Blast From The Past.

I wonder what the most beautiful part of spring is for you? I know for most of you it might…

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Mother’s Power

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Probably not the right way to dive back into writing and sharing my thoughts. But I can’t help. Ever since media started covering the events in regards to Harvey one thought is not leaving my mind: There’s nothing as strong as nature!

I’ve discussed it so often with people. All those incredible powerful events nature throws at us. From wind to mudslides, fires to floods. And there is basically nothing we can do about it.

While we can try to fight the fire, we can only do so if the wind is not against us. If it doesn’t start somewhere else. While we fight the flames another force of nature might mess with us. Against fire we have tools but what can we do against wind? Against hurricanes and cyclones? Nothing! Not only do we fight wind but also rain.

We try to get a hold of natures power but in the end we will always be on the weaker side. In the area I grew up our biggest concerns are mudslides and avalanches. While we try to create funnels for both of them, we still never know if they will be good enough or not.

“Mother’s power” is truly nothing you’d like to mess with. Heat, cold, fire, wind, water… we think we are in charge of everything but we are not. We are small. Small in comparison to the power of nature. And yet we still think we are the ones in control. We are not. We have to learn to live with it, learn to adjust. But we try to force those huge powers into systems. They are too powerful, too big to be contained though. One day we will hopefully learn. And maybe understand that if we keep messing with nature we will be the ones paying the price…

Feeling Cheated On

Reblogging this as a blast from my blogging past as it resonates with me after listening to a conversation two moms had the other day…

A Momma's View

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I had a post in my mind that I wanted to write today. But I totally forgot what it was about. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever had a post clearly structured in your mind and then you forgot everything about it? I forgot about it because my mind got occupied with all the thoughts triggered by my reblog of the question “would you want to know” and the comments of all of you.

Triggered by a comment I believe we need to differentiate between would you want to know at all or would you rather not know forever. If you would find it out would you want your partner to be the bearer of the bad news or would it make no difference to you and the decision you’d make if your partner would break the news or someone else?

I’m not sure of…

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About Stealing

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How often do you hear someone accusing someone else of stealing their partner? It happens, right? Every time I hear this phrase it makes me think. Just like the other day when I was listening to the radio and the hosts had this discussion about Katie Perry and Taylor Swift and how they were best friends until one stole the boyfriend of the other. To be honest, I don’t even have a clue who did what there and it actually doesn’t really bother me of they get along or not.

But (here it is again): Suddenly so many thoughts started racing through my head.

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