There’s Way Too Much Average in the World

Maybe that’s why there are so many frustrated people out there. People not happy with what they do. Because they gave up on their dreams a while ago, when they were told that their dreams are crazy or not fit the norm…

Dream Big, Dream Often


There’s Way Too Much Average In the World…

I see it every day.  People going about their business, waking up, making the donuts, going home and doing it all over again the next morning.  Many people move through life like a zombie not expecting much more of themselves than doing what is required to make it through each day.  I don’t think like that.  I don’t allow myself to accept the status quo and I challenge you to think the same.

Life wants to beat you into submission and most often it occurs through the words of others.  People will try to convince you that your goals are not “realistic” or “practical”.  When kids are young they say they want to be an astronaut or President and most people will tell them, parents included, that they should aim a little lower because there aren’t a lot of astronauts or only…

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Just shared this on my Facebook feed:

Never forget… I know exactly where I was, who was with me, what we did and how we felt when we heard of what was happening. I watched on the news how the second plane approached and how it hit too, still numb from the incredible “incident” that happened before. I remember my feelings when it became clear that this was no accident…

I didn’t lose anyone. But my husband had only returned from NYC a couple of days prior and we had friends living, working in and others visiting NYC. One of the friends visiting was a flight attendant and they usually had brunch in the restaurant in the tower the morning after they flew in. She was supposed to be up there. But luckily one of them forgot the wallet in the hotel room and they were running late and never made it to the towers.

When I say let’s not forget, I don’t mean the terror, the horror, the fear. I mean let’s not forget that we never know what the next moment brings. We never know what will happen next. So hug your loved ones, settle the argument, hug each other, tell the important people in your life what they mean to you. Don’t wait for the special occasion. Do it when you feel like it… and live your life!

12 Years In The Making


Not that Australia was showing its nicest face over the last couple of days. There was rain and hail and wind. Nevertheless there is one statement I can make: I love it here! I love Australia, its beaches, its rain forests, its mountains, its desserts and plains, the heat and cold, wind and sun. And I love the variety of people that made Australia their home.

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Share Your World – A July Catch up, 2018

I’m almost a bit happy to have realized that Cee seems to have taken a break from her Share Your World Challenge… So there is less to catch up on although I was hoping to find more of her Q&A posts as it’s always fun to answer her questions. And then I realized that someone has done the incredible thing and filled in and shared a “Not Cee’s Share Your World” post with some neat questions in it too. So here we go! Lots to answer 😉

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How Many

I’m pretty sure we have wondered about what someone might think. We all get there. The question is: What do you make of it? How do you move forward from this train of thoughts? Or why don’t you?

Why does it matter?

I always find it interesting to see how much value we give something that should not even enter our minds. I find it interesting to see that we all care about the opinion of a stranger at one point or another.

Hopefully we mature and realize that the opinion of a stranger is not important. It doesn’t matter what someone thinks of us that has never even met us. What matters is how people feel about us who truly know us. And the kind of character they have.

The people who are your real friends, your tribe, the people with value will not talk badly behind your back. They will describe what they like about you. What they cherish in your friendship.

Our life is much easier if we focus on what truly matters. If we look for quality instead of quantity…

So Far…

I had the privilege to watch Pink live yesterday and it was amazing. I will not bore you with a post about how inspiring I find her. I will not tell you how happy I am that my daughter was there with me and hopefully got the message she was spreading. I will not mention how much my son liked the show and the music and how impressed he was about her performance. And I will not let you know that I almost feel like having a crush on her…

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Guest post: A Momma’s View – Memories last forever

Miriam has inspired me for a couple of outings and my list of places to go to is growing thanks to her sharing all the wonderful adventures she has here in Australia on her blog.

I was honored to have been asked by Miriam to write a guest blog for her. And it makes me proud to see it on her blog 🙂

Out an' About

I’m delighted to welcome Sandra from A Momma’s View to my blog. I connected with her early in my blogging journey and warmed to her style of writing, her down to earth conversational topics and her many and varied posts.

Sandra writes about different aspects of expat life however she also shares inspirational quotes, heartwarming and often funny stories and she has a wonderfully positive outlook on life.  She features a weekly “Tell me Something Good” and a couple of years ago I shared my own true love story in her ‘couples’ series. There’s plenty to immerse yourself in on her blog.

Settle back and enjoy as she gives us her thoughts of life, love, family, making memories and forging a new life here in Australia.

Coming August, it will be 12 years since we moved from Switzerland to Australia.

12 years seems like a lot. So many years. So…

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