And The Winner Is…

The Award for best post of the Nature Chills Challenge #2 goes to… (wait for it… wait for it…) drum rolls…

The Heart Of Sassie Lassie

Very well deserved and congratulations! To be honest: All of you who participated did an amazing job. It was such a pleasure to read your posts and I actually felt so connected to nature by only reading them.

Thank you all for participating. Now go out there and enjoy nature. I just had an amazing hike yesterday and will write a post about it right after this one…

Belo and Nature Chills

Another entry for the Nature Chills Challenge. Not much longer to go until we reach the deadline, so get writing!




In November I had the opportunity to travel to the beach. I have never been an early person but something about that trip changed me and I am now a firm lover of the sun. The first morning I woke up around 6am and in the moment I open the curtains I was speechless. The world quite down, a blast of energy rush through my body and the sweet and powerful noise of the sea brought peace to my mind… I fell in love, the moment was simple and beautiful and I understood “happiness is in the “simplicity” of everyday life”.

(In take on the nature chills challenge over at amomma’sview)

Here are 2 more of different days.



-See you soon

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Mother Nature

This is the newest addition to my list of participants in the Nature Chills Challenge. Another beautiful piece. Thanks for taking part and sharing your thoughts about nature 🙂

The Heart of Sassy Lassie

I have written this as a participation piece in the NATURE CHILLS CHALLENGE on

A Momma’s View.

I couldn’t have found a better challenge for this subject is near and dear to my heart.  I connect to the Divine through Mother Nature and always feel Her presence enveloping me.

Mother Nature

Oh how She does make my heart sing
on the darkest of days that only she can bring
Turning the brightest, bluest skies
into harshest rains to renew and baptize

This realm here, this Earth She rules
We are mere mortals in this world She fuels
Part magic, part whimsy like the flowering tree
attracting the fuzzy, pollen covered bee

Sunbeams and dew drops on fields of pine green
to warm and quench thirst to all those unseen;
From the elephant mighty with tusk and trunk
to the inchworm so tiny and the smell of the skunk

Horses that gallop…

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Author Erika Kind – Nature Chills Challenge #2

And the newest addition…

Share Your Light

I thank for the idea of sharing so many dream-like places on this planet. See the rules and participants here:

Today I am coming up with a totally different post to this challenge than my first one.

After  a period of foggy and heavily snowy days I enjoyed the sun of January 1st yesterday. I have to say that if I can choose I’d always chose the sun and the beach. But I learned to love winter in a whole new  way. I love the silence when everything is covered with snow and looking at the clear night sky. I love it too look outside at night when it snows. The world is so peaceful then and the street lamps spend the most atmospheric light. I could stand at the window and stare outside for hours – if it wasn’t that cold…. lol. But his truly are moments…

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