Am I Ugly?

We’ve all been there. We all have questioned ourselves about the way we look, the numbers on our scale, our bad hair day… What I think is shocking though is how insecure young people are. Not sure if it is because I’m kind of paying more attention to it being a mother now or if it has become worse.

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Work In Progress

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We are all a work in progress. As much as some might think they are, nobody is born perfect. This applies to all layers of life, especially parenting.

We’ve all been there, childless, watching parents with their kids and either saying it out loud or only thinking that we will never to this or that. We might even have been brave (or shall I say overconfident) enough to lend advise. Advised that was based on how we THOUGHT things should be rather than what we KNEW worked for us.

I’ve been there too. I’m no saint. I watched parents and shook my head, thinking how much better I would handle the situation. I judged parents for “parking” their kids, little kids, in front of a portable DVD player or some other device in order to have a conversation under adults. It made angry to see parents give in when the child was having a fit and buying that lollie at the cashier. It made me feel sick in the stomach watching parents feeding their child junk food because it was refusing to eat the healthy vegetables.

I’m still no saint. But today I’m a wiser no-saint than I was back then. Parenting is actually so much more about learning than what I would have thought. It taught me. Life taught me. Parenting taught me. Trying hard to be a good parent taught me.

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Innocence Of A Child

You know what I take out of this?

First of all kids listen to and believe in what we say without questioning and looking into it deeper. So be sure you choose wisely what advice you give them.

And second… Gosh, they are so innocent and beautiful 🙂