My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #33

The most beautiful days are the ones you don’t expect to turn out that stunning. Not that I expected today to be shabby, but I most definitely would have not thought that we would stand in the sun, feeling the warm rays on our backs all morning while watching soccer. The forecast was for much worse weather and much lower temperatures. I don’t really want to write about weather but I think it’s the little things that can make your day so good. Like the sun being out when you think it would rain. Or a smile from a stranger, a compliment coming from a friend. A hug. Some good food. Music.

I hope your week was a good one and that you end up spending a wonderful weekend with you loved ones. I know your eyes are set on the eclipse (at least those of you who will be able to witness it). Enjoy. It’s one of those things too…

Here are the posts I loved reading this week. Hope you will enjoy them as well. Have a happy weekend you all 🙂

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #32

Can you believe that there are only 134 days left till Christmas? 134 days till we enjoy what is for many the most amazing holiday of the year but also when the countdown to the end of the year really kicks in. While I don’t feel like time is rushing by as quickly as it did a little while ago I’m still surprised that we find ourselves in mid August already. And I wonder if you guys are still on summer break or if schools back on? I wonder how your summer has been so far and if some of you are looking forward to winter already? And then I wonder why we often crave the opposite of what we have…

Anyway. I hope you had a fantastic week and are currently enjoying a wonderful weekend with all your loved ones, doing what you love to do. Here are my picks of this week. Hope you enjoy them and wishing you a very happy weekend… 🙂

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #31

I feel like my feet and hands are still frozen from this mornings soccer game. Sometimes I don’t know how the girls handle the cold. But then they run around, chase the ball and push hard to win their game while we just stand on the sideline and watch, trying to stay warm.

Now, here are the posts I enjoyed reading the most this week. Hope you guys like them too. Have a fantastic weekend you all 🙂

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #30

It’s a stormy day today, winds being really strong and it’s so warm. Too warm for a winter’s day. I’m not complaining. I actually love it. I know it’s not good and we need more rain but this is a problem that we will have to deal with for a long time. I feel a bit torn, you know. Torn between enjoying the mild and dry winter but also knowing how bad it is for nature and also our farmers. Torn between feeling happy about the weather and knowing that it’s a sign for climate change and many issues to come.

But I refuse to be negative about it. You can’t change anything with negativity. It will not bring you any further. And that’s my approach and will always be. Stay positive and move forward trying to make the change that is necessary.

I hope you all had a fantastic week and will be able to enjoy a wonderful weekend doing what you love to do and catching up with people you love to be around. Here are the posts I enjoyed reading the most this week. Have a happy weekend you all 🙂

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #29

It’s raining outside and I’m warming up from standing on the sideline of the soccer pitch once again, cheering for our girls who did a fantastic job. I love to see their dedication, their commitment but most of all the great team spirit and friendship. It’s not only them. It’s us parents too. One amazing group of friends. And I tell you: It makes standing in the cold so much easier 🙂

Here are my picks for this week. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did. Have a wonderful weekend you all:-)

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #27

What a weeks it’s been. The cold that has been lingering is back in full swing and I can’t stop thinking of how hard it hit me two years ago. I hope it will not get to the same point. While my energy levels are low I still feel so good. Maybe it’s because my body is slowing me down. It makes me sit still for a moment rather than my kind of rushing around. Sit and think.

I realize how much weight has been on my shoulders for years. And it all has lifted quite quickly a couple of months ago. I’m not saying that everything has sorted itself out but a major thing has. It’s pretty amazing to see how much it does to you. How much it influences you, your well being, your day to day and even your looks.

Anyway. I hope you guys are all well and had a fantastic week. Here are the posts I enjoyed reading a lot over the last couple of days. I hope you will enjoy them too. Have a happy weekend you all 🙂

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #26

Image result for paulo coelho to be creative you must have courage image

Somehow the weeks seem to not speed past me in the same way they did last year or at the beginning of this year. And still it’s already Saturday again and the beginning of yet another month. We have officially past the middle of the year. Today we woke up to an icy cold morning with clear blue sky. I look outside, reflecting on the past 6 months and can’t help smiling. So much has happened. So many things are in the making. I feel good. Tired, a little bit overwhelmed but good.

It’s never too late to take on new adventures. Life is never set in stone. It’s you that decide if you want to keep walking on the path you chose or if it’s time to switch. Sometimes it takes courage, especially when the new path looks so different to the ones everyone else is walking on. But then so are you. You are different to everyone else. So be brave. If it feels right, it’s most likely just what you need…

Happy weekend you all 🙂

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #25

It was an exciting week for us on this side of the world. Not because something incredibly important worldwide or in Australia as such happened. Nope. But because something important happened in our family. It’s called reaching your double digits. My baby has now also a double digit age. And for her it was a massive thing.

So we were busy preparing for the big day and her party of course. A party that turned out being smaller than her usual ones. Just because now it’s the way she likes it (and me too, to be honest).

So now that the house is all back to normal, my feet are all warmed up after standing in the cold, watching the girls play soccer, it’s finally time to create this post. Here are the posts I enjoyed reading the most last week. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I did. As always, please do check out more of the blogger’s posts while you are “over there”. Have a happy weekend you all 🙂

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