I wasn’t planning on making this my first post of the day (yes, it’s an early Tuesday morning here in Australia) but I simply couldn’t resist to share this amazing quote.

How true is that?! What a great way to see it and I can’t tell you how much I agree with this way of seeing it. 

I know how hard it is to endure all the crap people throw at you. Especially when it comes from people close to you. It hurts. And the crazy thing is that although you are hurt they keep going, claiming that they only want good things for you. They make you doubt yourself, doubt others in your life who mean well, question your ability to do things. They make you feel weak, stupid, small and take away your confidence. 

Until you turn things around. And all the layers they have rubbed off suddenly bring the real you to the surface. Once you see that, you’ll know how much they have actually given you and how much they have actually lost.

Baby Bump

Wear it proud! All of it. Everything that represents your children on your body. Society is so harsh and yet everyone deals with the same issues. For celebrities it must be even harder as they are expected to be flawless. But they are only human too and time and circumstances will leave their mark just the way it leaves it on everyone else.