Share Your World – March 19th, 2018

In pale gold leaf-fall losing shape and edge

Another week has passed and I find myself looking for Cee’s Share Your World post. Before I open her post I wonder what kind of questions she has in store for us this time. I wonder in which direction they might go. Isn’t it fun how a blog post can make you curious?

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Share Your World – March 12th, 2018

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You know that I write 2017 every single time I write the title to this post? Seems like I can’t let go of 2017 that easy ;-). Anyway, it’s time to answer Cee’s questions once again. If you have not yet discovered her Q&A, you should really, REALLY head over to her blog. There are heaps of great posts, beautiful pictures and fun challenges over there. So what are you waiting for? But before you leave me, here are my answers to Cee’s questions…

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Share Your World – February 5th and 12th, 2018

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I am surprised to see that Cee comes up with more and more questions for us to answer, week after week, for her Share Your World Challenge. Quite often they seem so “harmless” until you start answering and then your mind keeps going and going and reading more and more into it… Let’s see what we have in stock this time, combining this week’s and last week’s Q&A.

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Share Your World – November 20th to December 4th, 2017


Hey, I didn’t realize that I skipped so many of Cee’s Share Your World Challenges! But I will answer all her questions of the last couple of weeks in this post, so bare with me. If you have not checked out her fun Q&A challenge yet, you really need to! It’s so simple: Every week Cee poses a couple of questions. You then answer them in a post and link back to her post. And that’s it. No big deal but fun to do. So let’s get to it…

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Share Your World – October 30th, November 6th and 13th, 2017

Wow! I can’t believe I actually left out 3 of Cee’s Share Your World Challenges! Well I guess I will have to answer all her questions at once then. I’m in and out of my blog at the moment. The reason is quite simple. We are currently traveling and making heaps of memories. I’m talking about the kind of trip where you spend all day walking around doing some sight seeing, learning about the place you are visiting and taking it all in. So by the time we get back to our home away from home I honestly didn’t have the energy anymore to sit down and write.

Today though I have a moment and I’m trying to catch up. It’s early-ish in the morning, suitcases are packed as we will move on from here later today. The weather is just gorgeous and my view from my current “office” is just so wonderful. Traveling inspires. It feeds the soul. All those new places, the new people, maybe even a new culture are inspiring. But enough now. Time to answer Cee’s questions.

Week after week Cee comes up with thought provoking questions for her Share Your World Challenge. Sometimes I wonder if there will be anymore questions unanswered but obviously there are. If you have not checked out her Q&A yet, I highly recommend it. And now, let’s get the questions answered 😉

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