Share Your World – May 22nd, 2017

It’s Share Your World time again. As you know I don’t participate in many blogging challenges on a regular base but this one I really enjoy and so I don’t want to skip it. I find it pretty amazing that Cee manages to come up with good questions week after week. It’s not as easy as it sounds. Have you paid attention to interviews? Have you realize how often people ask the same question over and over again? It’s because they run out of ideas of what to ask. So kudos to Cee. Now let’s see what she’d like to know this time around…

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Share Your World – May 15th, 2017

Time for answering a couple of questions again. Questions that Cee poses week after week in her Share Your World series.

Questions have so much power I find. They can be the opener of a deep conversation. Like yesterday when I asked a lady in the park if she was as blond as her little daughter is when she was a child and she told me about her partner and that he used to be so blond. I thought she referred to the past in the sense of him having been so blond when he was a child but then she kept going and mentioned that he had passed away. Although that sort of stopped the chat there we then picked it up and kept going and I found myself ending up having a deep conversation about love and life with a complete stranger. Triggered by one simple question…

So here we go, time for Cee’s Q&A:

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Share Your World – May 8th, 2017

Cee describes her “Share Your World (SYW) as being all about having a safe place for everyone to answer random questions that I post each week”.

As I said at first I was slightly intrigued by her remark about having a safe place to answer questions and I wondered if her questions would be of a special kind. I figured they might be down the line of questions nobody would ever dare to ask. But they are not. They are your day to day questions and yet they are inspiring. And that’s why I always look forward to her Share Your World post each week.

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Share Your World – May 1st, 2017

I’m not entirely sure when I joined Cee’s Share Your World Challenge but it definitely feels like it must have been approximately a year ago. “Share Your World (SYW) is all about having a safe place for everyone to answer random questions that I post each week” is how Cee describes her challenge and I couldn’t agree more.

First I was slightly intrigued by her remark about having a safe place to answer questions and I wondered if her questions would be of a special kind. Until I started becoming a regular and I realized that they are just interesting and random questions that simply make you think a little bit and share what you are willing to share. And now I truly look forward to her questions every week.

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Share Your World – April 17th, 2017


Every week Cee poses some interesting questions for us to answer. I not only find it a great way to learn some more about bloggers out there but also find that it reveals a lot about ourselves while trying to answer them. Maybe it’s just because I try to actually make a lot out of every question and not give you the quickest and easiest answer. So I thought I change it around a little bit today and give you the quick answer first and then go into details afterwards.

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Share Your World Ribbonrx Edition: April 3rd, 2017 – Challenge – #atozchallenge

Today I’d like to combine the two challenges I’m doing at the moment: Cee’s Share Your World one and the A to Z Challenge we. It’s the “C” day and what better C-word than challenge? There are so many challenges we face. Not just the fun one while blogging or exercising. But also the hard one we are served by life. Some of them are easier to handle, some are tough. Some seem simply not solvable.

But there is always a way. Always. The trick is to see it and not let the nasty things cloud your vision. It’s about making yourself see the little positive thing and focus on them. It will immediately clear your mind and bit by bit those little things you focus on will come together and will create the solution.


Challenges are what makes our life interesting. So see it that way. See it as a simple little challenge for you that will make you stronger, smarter and better in the end. Just like mountains that seem so big when they are in front of you but once you made it to the top provide you with a great feeling of achievement and a beautiful view from above…

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Share Your World – March 27th, 2017


It’s a beautiful Tuesday morning over here in sunny Australia. While we enjoy calm fall weather down here in the South, up in North Queensland people brace for the landfall of a huge cyclone. My thoughts are with all the people that will be in the middle of it and I hope everyone will get out of it safe and sound.

I’ve never lived in an area where natural disasters were common. All we got from time to time where avalanches on top of the mountains and while sometimes those let to people being injured or killed it was still something that happened only on top of the mountain. I’m not sure if I could deal with living in an area where you know that a cyclone, a hurricane or a typhoon hits. I’m not sure if I could deal with strong earthquakes on a regular basis while you wait for THE one. Sitting here, typing this and having a cup of tea while listening to a bird singing its song outside and not having to worry about something you can’t control is how I like it.

And just right now I thought that there is so much I can’t control. Not just the weather, not just the earth as such. Nothing is really in my control and yet I believe it is. We are only in control of our actions. And maybe that’s also why people get used to the storms and the earthquakes, the returning floods and fires. Because they have realized that there is nothing out there that you can actually control. That the only thing you can control is how you deal with it and where you will go from there.

Funny where an intro to Cee’s Share Your World post can take you. In a way I just had one of those realizations by simply writing an intro. And now my head is processing it all. Time to get to Cee’s questions I guess and let’s see where they will take me this time 😉

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