Your Stories – Our Engagement Story: The “Train Guy” Asked Me to Marry Him! By Mary, Trees Of Transition

Mary, Trees Of Transition, is a blogger I’ve been in touch with for quite a while. She has written a couple of guest post for my blog which you can find here and is just one of those lovely people I’ve met in this virtual world. When I saw her post about her engagement I was super happy and asked her if I can share it here on my blog in ‘Couples’. Thankfully she said yes, as I think this is another story about love and that what is meant to be will be. I hope you will enjoy her story as much as I did. Head over to her blog to read more great posts.

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A Couple Thoughts on Homeschooling and Motherhood

Thank you, Mary, for this wonderful post!

Trees of Transition

20150508-165135-60695041.jpgAs you enjoy this United States’ Mother’s Day weekend, consider: Women who are not mothers currently does not mean they do not WANT Motherhood, but that it has not opened up for them yet. Be hopeful and encouraging!

Marion Garrett stated, “A mother’s love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible.”

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A Homeschool Strength: Letting Creativity Soar

I totally agree. Our kids are all curious they want to learn, they want to discover new things and grow. It’s what we need to offer them. The opportunities to watch and do and learn in the process.

Trees of Transition

Homeschooling’s Black, White, & Gray Series 1 Episode 8

Homeschooling students encourages their curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurship. For example, I learned how to make a four-tired wedding cake and started a little cake decorating business when I was twelve years old. It began a few years before…


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I Do Not Remember My First Day of School. Do You?

I don’t remember my first day of school. I remember the picture they took though… What about you? Do you remember your first day in school?

Trees of Transition

Homeschooling’s Black, White, and Gray Series 1 Episode 4

At age 29 I learned what I missed by not going to preschool. As a
preschool aide for a year in a Catholic school, I learned how certain kids howl, run away from teachers, and scream as they start the separation process from Mommy. The first few hours of preschool sounded like school was a very sad place. (Starting preschool looks like it can be a traumatic process for some children.) One little boy and I became quite close because he had not started learning to obey when an adult instructed him to do something, so he received many time outs where he had to be watched to stay in his chair to learn from his consequences. If my parents had taken me to preschool, I might have been in a chair next to him…maybe…We both really liked our own way.

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Metacognition About Being Home-Schooled: From a Grown-Up Homeschooler

My metacognition (thinking about my thinking processes) about home school starts with enjoyment and leads to a superiority complex that has been humbled and disbanded over the last few years. I enjoyed learning at home with my parents and my siblings! I thought I had the best deal during my whole home-school experience. I got to stay home, learn about geography with my siblings, read books I loved, and paint as many pictures as I wanted?! This is a good life. (Not until after I finished college was I willing to look into the negative aspects of being home-schooled).

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I Appreciate How My Home School Mom Did This: Boomerang Learning (Especially on the Topic of Writing)

The other perspective of homeschooling. Love to learn more about how it feels to actually BE home-schooled.

Trees of Transition

Home Schooling’s Black, White, and Gray Series 1, Episode 3

My Mom tells me that at age two I filled pages with squiggly lines because I already loved “writing.” My Mom modeled writing for me, and since her Mom was also a writer, the writing gift flowed down to me.
In our home school, Mom gave each of my siblings and I thick notebooks, which we decorated and turned into journals. This week I’ve been re-reading that journal, and it’s taken me back into the quiet home school life of when I was aged eight, nine, and ten.
I have journals that I started writing at age 8 and go to the present time. From about age 10 until age 25, I journaled about almost every day of those fifteen years, and I treasure those entries. Re-reading these journals gives me a stronger remembrance of my thoughts about being home-schooled, some of which I…

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Home Schooled Students Sometimes Think Like Super-Heroes a Bit Too Much

Don’t worry, I’m not insulting home schooled students, because I had the super-hero mindset until a fateful day twelve years ago. However, where do home schooled students get this “super-hero” mentality where they believe they can do anything and perhaps even do no wrong?

Well, their biggest model is their parents, and their parents were the ones who chose to go against the system and educate their children themselves.  Why wouldn’t these kids think they can do anything!?

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