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Thank you all for participating! I really appreciate you all sharing your story about how you met your dream guy / dream girl πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh I love reading other couple stories. It’s something I’m never shy to ask others ‘so, how did you guys meet?’. I’ll email you a draft if you like. The highlights: Second chances, meeting online and long distance dating…

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  23. This is great, I’m so happy I found it. I hope to get through all of these one day. It’s nothing better for me than a happy story.

    Until I write our own (still deciding in what way – a blog post or a book), here are three posts that tell a bit how it’s been going for us after we met first online, then in person when I visited him in Italy, and then after I moved in with him to Tuscany in 2013. It will be four years in two weeks. Here’s to happy stories! ❀ (No need to include any of these on your list if it doesn't meet your criteria. I just wish to share.)

    About the move, written last year for the 3rd anniversary:

    About the home:

    "We are three", written upon getting a dog:


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