Nature Chills Challenge

There is one thing that always helps me chill out: Nature! No matter if it is a thunderstorm, waves, the wind, a snow covered mountain or just a sunset… I am in awe!

So here it is: My Nature Chills Challenge!

Here are the “rules” for my challenge:

From Monday, April 20th 2015 until Thursday, May 7th 2015 (last entry @ midnight AEDT) submit your post and follow these guidelines:

1. Describe, what in nature makes you chill out the most and why, in whichever way you like (poem, picture, just text… you name it).

2. Use less than 1500 words.

3. Mention the participation on your blog and link to my blog (to the Nature Chills Challenge page).

4. Tag your post with “Nature Chills Challenge”.

5. Your post has to be new and specifically written for this challenge.


I will reblog your posts, later list them in a post again and then create a poll.

Then my readers will be able to vote on the 3 posts they like best and I will publish the result on Friday, May 15th. The best 3 posts will be mentioned in a post on this blog and will be linked back to your blog again.

Really looking forward reading your thoughts and some inspiring posts! You will find a list with links to all Nature Chills Challenge posts on this page. And you will also be able to vote here.

Here are the posts for the Nature Chills Challenge #3:


Here are the posts of the first and second Nature Chills Challenge:

62 thoughts on “Nature Chills Challenge

  1. Honey, I would love to participate, but I honestly do not have the time to do so. I am really touched and very honored that you asked me. I don’t do awards, and I don’t ususally do challenges either. I’ve done one challenge and hopefully during the winter I will have more time to do more. My Life is so full and then on top of that my blog takes hours of every day to keep up and running as I do. Bless you for thinking of me. (((HUGS))) Amy


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  17. Hi! Did you receive my entry? I thought you did but I don’t see it listed with the others. It was just called Mother Nature and was a poem from Sassy Lassie (The Heart of Sassy Lassie) Thanks! I think you had it posted with the other entries as one point but I no longer see it there. Just checking!

    Liked by 1 person

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