Mary – Trees Of Transition

One of Mary’s comments actually made me ask her to guest blog on here. She mentioned to have been home-schooled, so I asked her, if she would share her point of views here with me. I am very interested to see the other side of homeschooling, the side of the child, the grown up person, who has been home-schooled. So I hope, that Mary will be able to give me some insights on my blog. Mary wrote already quite a bit about homeschooling on her blog. If you want to check it out, head over here.

Her blog, Trees Of Transition, is about transition of course. Totally worth checking out! And without further ado, here are her answers to my questions:

How would you best describe yourself?
I describe myself as full of hope: Child-like at times in actions (jumping into a pile of leaves and growing them in the air) and attitude (I’m much less jaded than most thirty-somethings). Connecting people, words, and ideas invigorates me.

Why are you blogging and what is your blog about?
My blog, Trees of Transition, reflects my desire to share hope through words, thoughts, and photos that portray a transition or how to get through a certain kind of transition, such as grief, job loss, or just plain growing up. Since I’m interested in many topics, I chose transitions to be the theme of my blog because humans are always transitioning whether we like it or not. How we process one transition will influence the next one. I desire to help people transition well through life by encouraging and challenging them through the pieces I post on my blog.

What is your strength and what is your weakness?
A weakness that I have in regards to writing is that I don’t always edit my work as much as it needs. This plays into a strength I have that is coming up with many ideas to write about (and so I just send off the one I just worked on in order to work on the new idea); the ideas just keep coming. As I mature as a writer, I desire to continue writing down my ideas, choosing the best ones, taking the time to write, revise and editing my work so that it enlightens and brings joy to many.

What makes you really happy?
One person that makes me very happy is my nephew, Jack. His peacefulness and joy amazes me, and his smiles help me remember what is most important: loving people!


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