Terri – Perspectives on…

Terri of Perspectives on…, already did a little guest post for me, when she wrote her story for my feature “Couples”. I am excited to have some more of her work on this blog. Look what she had to say to my questions:

How would you best describe yourself?
I am a 50-something Boomer on the verge of retirement and ready to explore the world. I enjoyed my professional career in parks and recreation and I also teach as a part-time lecturer at a university, where I will continue as long as possible. I was born in Southern California where I eventually met my second husband, but I had to meet him 30 years later (on Facebook) in Northern California, where we both ended up. I am mom to two gorgeous 20-something daughters and step-mom to two sons and another daughter, who are all in their late 20’s. I am ridiculously active in camping, stand-up paddling, windsurfing and travel whenever I can.
Why are you blogging and what is your blog about?
I started a blog three years ago to explore professional development as it relates to the Four Generations in the workplace and their unique communication preferences, and personality assessment. I grew interested in women in leadership soon after. I was very inconsistent with my blog especially once I decided to retire. I stumbled upon Blogging 101 which encouraged me to refocus my blog towards my perspectives on different subjects: life, work, and especially leisure. I like that I have more freedom to write about subjects that most people would find interesting. I have met a fantastic community of bloggers of which I am proud to be a part!

What is your strength and what is your weakness?
My strengths are my administration and organizational skills. My weaknesses include impatience and driving in traffic.

What makes you really happy?
Besides being around my husband (still newlyweds), happiness is when I can sail my windsurf board over big rolling waves on the Sea of Cortez or the bumpy ebb-tide of the Sacramento River and be exhiliarated beyond belief! And when my dog Aero greets me every day after work as if he hasn’t seen me in months!
I am a blogger and leisure educator living in Northern California. I am preparing for my Second Act in life. Perspectives On… is my blog about life, work and leisure. I have a lot to share and I will appreciate your indulging me by reading occasionally!


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