Blast From The Past – Open Minded

It’s one of those days I think about how much easier it would be if people would just simply be that little bit more open minded and I decided to post a Blast From The Past about it. Hope you enjoy…

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My Picks Of The Week 2017 – #36

Another week has passed and this will be a weird kind of weekend as tomorrow there will be no getting up and racing to a soccer game. The season is officially over. Well… the official season is over. Thankfully the girls will play a couple of tournaments still and to be honest I’m looking forward to it. I had a little bit more time on my hand this week and am so happy to have connected with all of you again (at least some of you). I hope everyone is safe. Watching the news and realizing what those powerful storms can do is really an eye opener and makes me appreciate being so safe over here. But who knows what the future has in store for us…

Anyway. Here are my picks for this week. I hope your week was a good one and that you will be able to spend a great weekend with all your loved ones. Happy weekend you all…

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Share Your World – September 4th, 2017

It’s that time of the week again. Cee is inviting us to her famous Q&A. For those of you not knowing about her challenge, here are some pointers:

“Good morning everyone. I thought I would switch things up a bit on Share Your World. I will still be asking four questions, but the fourth question will be the same each week. The last question will be about anything that inspires you. Even though I oftentimes will add photos to my answers, it is not a requirement to participate in Share Your World.”

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Guest Post—The View from Totality

Solar Eclipse much? I know I’m “late” to the party but 1st of all, we did not have a solar eclips in down under and 2nd nobody better to write about it than my blogger friend Emma.
Emma is one of my regular guest bloggers. I feel really thrilled about the possibility to post one educating post of this great blogger once a month over the next couple of months. Thank you so much, Emma, for sharing these great posts with us! If you would like to check out the previous guest posts, this amazing blogger wrote for me, head over here. Continue reading

Tell Me Something Good #73


Some Monday’s are easier than others, right? Today is one of the Mondays that are not the easiest for me. Simply because I have one of those meetings that I don’t really like to go to tonight and I know that most likely it won’t be done by 10pm but will most likely go longer than that. Not my most favorite way to spend an evening. Other than that my Monday has actually been really great but more about it later… So let’s just simply focus on a positive start into this week!

It’s easy:

  • Mention something that you consider being good in the comments
  • Or write a post about it on your blog (please don’t forget the pingback if you do so I don’t miss out and also share the link to it in the comments below). Something good that happened to you recently, or something good you will experience in a little while, or something good you know will happen soon. Something that makes you feel good.
  • Share this post and invite your followers as well.

So would you like to know what I have to share with you all today? Yes? Are you sure? Are you excited? Yes? And you can hardly wait to hear it? Okay, okay… So here is what I’d like to share with you all today…

 happy disney excited yay frozen GIF

“I’ve started the day with my most favorite workout. Something I have not done for a long time and wow, did it feel great. I feel energized and happy and positive. Funny what a workout session with the right person can do to you, right? But it’s not just that. I just feel super happy today. I feel like a big warm blanket is covering me. Yesterday we celebrated Father’s Day here in Australia and on my way back from walking the dogs in the afternoon there was a heart shaped leave lying in the middle of the sidewalk. I know it was a message from my dad. And yes, it made me sad for a little moment. Sad, because I miss him. But it also put a smile on my face. He is still here, somehow. Leaving his messages for me. Showing, that he loves me. So you know what? That meeting tonight? I really don’t care if some annoying people will try to get to me. Because it’s not important ;-)…”

Happy 3rd Birthday

This is it. It’s A Momma’s View’s 3rd Birthday! This time I did not miss the day. Not that I was paying attention to it either but I just realized it and then got the nice notification from WordPress. So I figured a toddler needs a party, right? And what better to celebrate with all your friends? So instead of having my monthly blogging party mid month I decided to celebrate today!

Rules? Not really today… just be nice with each other!

Ready? Great! Then let’s party!!!!

To get the most out of this get together CLICK HERE to comment on the original post. Let’s see how many new connections you can make over 2017 🙂

 happy fun party birthday excited GIF