Blast From The Past – Keeping A Promise

While I watched my daughter the other day playing, I loved to see how innocent she still is. It’s something that I admire. There seems to be no real worries, no real fears. I’m glad that she feels that way. Glad that we can make her feel so safe. Without wanting to try to go crazy I also realize how big the chances are that things can change drastically. Without fault of any of us. Of course that’s the moment my smile sort of goes away and my thoughts take a slight other turn. Suddenly all those numbers pop in my mind, the promises I made to her to keep her safe, the realization that other parents most likely have made the same promises but were unable to keep them.

This is a Blast From The Past about keeping a promise.

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Child Safety

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I attended a child safety and protection course for sport clubs yesterday. It was something I felt I should do in my volunteer role. Now, I did not have many details. All I knew was that it was all about creating or making policies of sports club that are in place stricter and the environment for the children involved safer.

Maybe it’s my way of thinking but for some reason I expected them to talk about uneven grounds, twisted ankles, maybe issues with overly excited parents, referees other players. But I didn’t expect to talk about sexual abuse.

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My Picks Of The Week #27

Apparently I’m not good with numbers. Or counting… I just realized that I made two mistakes in my numbering of the Picks Of The Weeks so far. But hey… doesn’t really matter, right? Anyway, I’m off heading to the place we need to go to vote today. I still don’t really know who to vote for but I guess, I will just have to make a decision when I’m there… I had a fantastic week, spending heaps of time with the kids and organizing play dates for them. It was a happy week for all of us and I hope you had a similar experience. Hope you enjoy my picks of this week and happy weekend you all 🙂

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Blast From The Past – Schocking Numbers

Interesting how reports can get to you. How they can sink in and not let go of you. I wrote about my worries in regards to being able to protect my daughter, my kids. Then I wrote about the report I watched about the woman who has to allow her abusive ex to see their child. Again I’ve seen and I’ve heard numbers that are so hard to grasp. And it’s not letting me go. I think it’s good to remind ourselves of those shocking numbers every now and then. Just to stay alert. To make sure we do our best to protect ourselves but also and most importantly our children. Here are some numbers I dug up a little while ago and think might be good to be shared again.

Don’t be paranoid but don’t be careless either…

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For The Children

I feel slightly sick to my stomach right now. Not because I ate something but because I watched a report on TV about children. Children and there rights. Or better the lack of them. Here is the thing: In Australia children have what you call the right to grow up with both parents. And I think it’s a good thing in a normal divorce case. In the case that was just discussed though, things are slightly different.

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Rape… 2 Pictures – A Reblog

I can totally get the anger the author of the post below feels. I think we all can relate. It probably comes from feeling so numb because we all know that we can’t do anything really to prevent another rape.

We just had this shocking case of a 14 year old girl being gang raped only last week. Gang raped by four or five men. Men, not boys. Men, that are 20 to 29 years old.

So many things that shock you when you read about this case. The life of a 14 year old girl will never be normal again. She will always be haunted by what happened to her. Her family will struggle, her friends, her boyfriend who was with her but couldn’t protect her. Many lives affected and in a way destroyed by 4 or even 5 assholes that are not men enough to be able to control their urges.

What’s shocking as well and what makes me angry is that questions were raised about why the girl and the boy were in the park at such a late time. They seriously questioned the girl. As always there were people making comments about the possibility that she might have triggered it. Seriously? As if a 14 year old, any woman, would like to be gang raped by men she does not know. Let me tell you something: The idea a young girl having fantasies about being raped by one or more men are so far from the reality.

I do get the feeling of wanting to hurt a rapist so badly. I totally get it. Cutting off some parts comes to my mind. But slowly. And then throw it away and let him bleed to death. But then do we really want to get down to that level? Maybe, right. When it hits home. When someone in your family is affected. I know that I would have major issues controlling myself if it would be my daughter, my son, who would have been hurt.

I think that we will unfortunately always have to deal with perverts like this. What I hope will change one day is that society tries to find an excuse for the perverts actions and finally see that you can’t just take what you want, when you want it. That finally rape gets labeled for what it is. That finally society is not trying to blame the victim for wearing the wrong things, for acting the wrong way, for saying the wrong things, for using too much makeup, for wearing a provoking lipstick, for being out too late, for moving in a certain way and all the BS that gets listed after a crime like that.

Fact is, that when a man rapes a woman (a woman rapes a man, a man rapes a man, a woman rapes a woman and so on), no consent was given. Someone decided that they want something and they want it now, no matter what the other person wants. And that’s just not okay. Why is it so hard to understand how wrong it is?

Imagine I would want your car. I want it now. And I don’t care if you want to give it to me or not. So I just take it. I take it although you said no to me. You told me that you don’t want me to take it. But I don’t care. I take it and if necessary I use force. I just take it. Is society claiming that you parked the car at the wrong place at the wrong time? Is society saying that you should have chosen another color or another brand? Is society saying that it’s your fault for whatever reason? No! In this case society accepts that something was done wrong and nobody questions it. If I would take your car I would be a thief, no matter what.

That is something that makes me incredibly angry and I just can’t understand why a life, a body has less value than a thing…

I’ve written about my feelings in regards to rape and abuse here as wel, if you’re interested at alll:
Feeling Numb
Second Chances? WTF!!!
What’s The Issue With Rape?

Rethinking Life

cbd5111025b1ab791336512709c62bd77294d1cfbca50e104a3b5a6288947cbcBoth pictures from: Pinterest

We need to stop talking about this and start acting.  See this is when I can no longer be a peaceful person.  I think of baseball bats breaking legs and splitting heads open.  I think of watching rapists bleed out where they lay and smiling, thinking what a good day it is that one of them will never hurt anyone again.  That’s what this kind of thing does, it makes me want to do anything to make it STOP.  Men think women hate them.  I think they should wonder why we like any of them at all, when this is what they do to us. And no, we can’t tell the good guys from the bad guys.  It’s impossible, so don’t bother saying you would never do it because we can’t tell what any of you would do…not really.  Not ever.  Ask a woman who got…

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Knowledge Might Be The Difference

I just came across a very interesting article with some really shocking numbers about child abuse. As parents we are constantly on the tips of our toes to make sure our children are kept safe. Well, at least I am. But how can you make sure they are safe if you really don’t know what to keep them safe from? We all know the basics: Don’t talk to strangers, don’t post to many information online, don’t send certain pics to people, don’t open the door for someone you don’t know and so on.

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Shocking Numbers

One of the best things about blogging is the exchange with other bloggers, with people from all over the world and with all kind of different backgrounds. Of course it wasn’t any different with my post ‘Never Talk To Strangers’. The comments I got for this post were really thought provoking. Especially the one My Thoughts On A Page left with a link to one of her posts made me think (please read it and please reblog!). Can it really be? Can the numbers really be that shocking?

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