A Story About Magic

I often struggle with advertising. I think most of the TV ads are just so silly, so stupid and so pushy. Every now and then though there is a great one. A funny one or one that just makes you stop, breath and watch.

This one for me is one of them. In fact it rally takes me in. I find it incredibly beautiful.

Blast From The Past – What’s In A Tagline

Evian is doing it again. They let babies sell their water. An advertising campaign that goes on for years already and frankly: I find it really cool. Advertising, if done properly, can be fun to watch.

I wonder what is your favorite tagline, favorite advertising (Find some of mine in my little Blast From The Past below)?

While you think about it, get some inspiration by the Evian babies. I let you choose which one you’d like to watch… by the way, did you know that you can actually get your Evian water for free in Evian? You can simply take your bottle at a fountain in town, coming right form the source…

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Clever Advertising?

This apparently just got banned in Australia by the Advertising Standards Bureau. It was ruled that “it wasn’t funny and portrayed violence”…

Not sure what you think about it, but I think it’s actually rather clever and funny advertising…

The True Cost of Advertising

Advertising sneaks up on you if you want it or not. Just look at good old Santa and his typical red “uniform”. Coca Cola did an amazing job and actually lead us to believe that this kind of Santa is the real deal…






For starters, we pay a lot more for products and services to pay for advertising. So you pay to hear about something then you pay more to buy it. Brilliant.

Product placement and advertising have been around since the dawn of entertainment…I’m not swayed by either and I know people have to pay the bills, but it’s sometimes annoying; distracting from the TV show, books, movie; and can diminish the entertainment value.
For me advertisements are a perfect time for household chores, checking my email, reading, writing, exercising, visiting the privy, turning to another channel and forgetting what I was watching, etc. I don’t believe advertisers, so if I watch ads it’s only for entertainment.

Since the surge in streaming, DVDs, PVRs, etc. the TV industry has gone a little over-the-top with product placement to in-series advertising.1brand19

No matter your economic…

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What’s In A Tagline

We all know them, the famous tagline of the big companies. The taglines they use to make us believe that their very own product is the best option for you. Actually the only option. I wonder: What’s in a tagline actually? And which ones are the ones  that really stick? Here are a few that I think are very clever.

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I guess as a blogger you are aware of the importance of a tagline. Right here though I am not talking about taglines for blogs but taglines for advertising.

I was wondering what your favorite taglines are? Which ones speak to most to you and I would appreciate it if you could let me know in the comments.

“Just Do It”!