Pingbacks And Blogging

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You never stop learning, right? Every day, every moment can bring a lesson, can teach you something new. I thought I already picked up a lot in regards to blogging over the last two years and I actually thought I had the pingbacks under control. Well, seems like there is one thing I did not know about pingbacks just yet!

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Be My Guest

When you are a guest in someone’s house, what is the most important thing for you? Is it how clean the house is? Is it what kind of house it is? Is it what they put on the table in the sense of high end or not products? Is it the way they are dressed, the music that is played, the silverware you use or the plates your meals are served on? Is it the quality of the sheets you sleep in, the furniture you use while you are there?

When I was young I was given the one advice I truly think is the most important when it comes down to guests, no matter if you are a guest or if you have guests: It all comes down to how welcomed a guests feels. And honestly this is my piece of advice to my children, actually everyone too. It’s only about how welcomed your guest feel. How you treat them. The effort you put in. It’s not about the price of your house or the furniture, the linen, the silverware, the plates, the food you put on the table. It’s about the heart and soul you put into everything.

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