Happy 4 Years

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Dear A Momma’s View

I thought long and hard how to best approach this. I could have simply written a post about our 4 years together, explain what creating you and connecting with you and all the wonderful blogs out there means to me. Instead I decided on writing a little letter to you.

First of all: Happy 4th anniversary! I can’t believe we celebrate 4 years together already. Time has flown by. So much has happened and I admit, I haven’t paid you the attention I would like to recently. I’m sorry I neglected you over the last couple of months and I truly hope I will be able to spend more time with you again.

Let me tell you how much you mean to me. You might think you are “just” a blog. The same way I sometimes think I’m “just” a mom. But we are so much more. You are so much more! Over all this time you have given me so much. You were an outlet for my thoughts, my frustrations, my worries, my fear and my joy. You were the connecting link to so many people out there, also writing their hearts out, sharing their thoughts, frustrations, worries, fears, joys with the world. You have opened the door to so many virtual friendships but you have also given me confidence.

Confidence that I can express myself. Confidence that I’m much more than I often think. Confidence that my thoughts can be shared and that they might not be as out of wack as I might think they are. You are also a way to relive my memories. Because I share them thanks to you.

We’ve seen some crazy stats together. So often I was wowed about the attention we got. Yes, it’s a bit more quiet at the moment but this is because I couldn’t really be there with you. It’s not you, don’t worry. And I know if we really want it, we will see the crazy stats again. But let’s take it easy and just enjoy. Enjoy what we have. The community.

Dear A Momma’s View, I simply would like to say thank you. For all you’ve done for me. For all the connections I made thanks to you. For all I’ve learned thanks to you. I’d like to say thank you for always being there for me, just a click away. For being patient with me, for making me laugh and cry. It’s been a blast and I’m looking forward to many more years together and connecting with other blog(ger)s out there, sharing what we all want to share but most of all our passion for blogging.

Happy 4th Anniversary

Blast From The Past – That’s Love, Isn’t It?! By Ritu


I have this little thing going (actually have not advertised it recently), post in which my readers share who they met their special someone. My blogger friend Ritu has just mentioned that she read her story on my blog again as it will be their 21st anniversary this weekend. First of all: Congratulations, Ritu! What a beautiful anniversary!

To celebrate love and Ritu’s anniversary I figured I share her story again with all of you. Now if you feel inspired to share yours please send me an email to amommasview@gmail.com and share it with me so I can share with my readers. So here is Ritu’s story. Enjoy 🙂

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Happy 3rd Birthday

This is it. It’s A Momma’s View’s 3rd Birthday! This time I did not miss the day. Not that I was paying attention to it either but I just realized it and then got the nice notification from WordPress. So I figured a toddler needs a party, right? And what better to celebrate with all your friends? So instead of having my monthly blogging party mid month I decided to celebrate today!

Rules? Not really today… just be nice with each other!

Ready? Great! Then let’s party!!!!

To get the most out of this get together CLICK HERE to comment on the original post. Let’s see how many new connections you can make over 2017 🙂

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A Momma’s View – Did You Know…

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… That A Momma’s View is celebrating its 2nd Anniversary today? The very first post went online on September 3rd and had no likes and comments yet. Only one day later I posted my second post and actually got 9 comments.

At the very moment, writing this post A Momma’s View had a total of  137’423 views, 42’339 visitors and features 2’010 posts. The best day with the most views so far was July 30th this year with 540 views… 2’152 beautiful people decided to follow this blog.

Amazing numbers…

You all did your thing. You came over to read my posts, you wrote posts that inspired me, left comments and likes. I can’t thank you enough!

Time to actually open that bottle, right?

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But there is more, wait for it:

  • You can actually buy me a cup of coffee by simply scrolling down and click the link 😉 Thanks to those of you who have already invited me to a cuppa…
  • You can find A Momma’s View on Social Media:
  • Some of my pictures are available as prints on Etsy
  • And I promise I will keep writing as long as you keep reading and challenging me with your comments 😉

Thank you all for the support you have given me over the last 2 years. It’s been a blast! I can not put in words what I’ve learned from all of you, from your posts and comments. The comments you left on my posts but also the many comments I read on other posts. I feel like I have a world full of friends. People that think alike or challenge me to look at things in a different angle. And I’m incredibly grateful for this experience.

From the bottom of my heart: Thank you!

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2nd Anniversary Is Approaching Fast – Party With Me

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Can you believe that A Momma’s View will soon turn 2? Crazy, right? My little baby blog is slowly turning into a toddler 🙂

I know we should only celebrate on the day but I decided to make it a anniversary week (or two) and start already now. I will share this post on a couple of occasions until the day if finally here, so please don’t be shy and share away!

Come on over and celebrate with me! No better way than with a Blogger Party, right?

  • Share a link to your favorite post on your blog in the comments.
  • Short intro of your blog won’t hurt.
  • Please don’t forget to check out posts that have been shared in the comments already, to keep it fair. After all you want to meet new bloggers too, right?

Let’s make it a big party, so please also share this link with your followers in order to make sure we meet many new people.

Let’s do it!

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Anniversary Coming Up – Party With Me!

I can’t believe that it will soon be a year since this blog came to life. A year of daily posting and connecting with inspiring people all over this planet. I know it’s early, as it’s not a proper anniversary just yet. But I figured I might celebrate already today. Celebrate in the form of reflecting on what this blog is all about and what it was intended to be about. Maybe even thinking about how I would introduce me today, almost a year after I’ve introduced myself to my readers for the first time.

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Your Stories – Goin’ to the Chapel of Love…

Another beautiful love story! Congrats to your anniversary! I hope there will be many more years to come for the two of you 🙂

Light & life

Off and on all summer he tried:

“Hey Julie,” he yelled, as I was hopping onto my bike, “Would you like to go to the Monet exhibit at the art museum today?  My friend has extra passes.”

“No thanks, I’m going to ride my bike today.” (I was always riding my bike back then.)

“My friend likes to ride bikes…”  His voice trailed off as I rode away.

A week or so went by:

“Hey Julie,” he yelled, as my daughter and I walked out our front door, “Would you like to go to the final day of the U.S. Open?  My friend has invited us to his corporation’s hospitality tent.”

Thanks, but I’m going to church tomorrow.

“My friend likes church,” he said as we smiled, waved and headed to the store.

On it went until one day I finally said, “Why don’t you invite him to something sometime.”

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