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There are many tunnels in Switzerland and as a child I always liked to play the game of holding your breath when entering a tunnel, hoping you would be able to hold it till you get out on the other side again. In some cases I managed, in others I would have probably dropped dead if I’d continued. After all, I’m no free-diver and can’t hold my breath to up to 9 minutes…

Driving through the tunnels either by car on on train was most probably my first experience in beingĀ underground. That and of course the snow caves we usually built during winter. We had lots of snow back then. Much more than we get now. You could actually build a massive cave. It always freaked my parents out. They were worried that it might collapse and would bury us. So my Dad usually checked it out and made sure it’s “safe” before he let us enter.

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Momma’s 21 Days Of Inspiration – Part II

Life can sometimes get a bit overwhelming and in certain moments all we need is a little boost. Some inspiration or motivation from the outside. If you feel you need a little boost then help me out with my little project: Momma’s 21 Days Of Inspiration – Part II.

For 21 days you will get a daily email form me with one of my inspirational or motivational quotes starting October 1st. For me it’s a little test to see if I can come up with something like this for 21 days in a row and of course as well to keep myself inspired and motivated. It’s my challenge to see if I can give you that inspiration and/or motivation you are looking for.

If you are interested in joining in, please email me (amommasview@gmail.com) with Subject line “Momma’s 21 Days Of Inspiration – Part II.

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