Blast From The Past – Women, Their Bodies, Wrinkles and Scars…

Nothing throws me off more than listening to two gorgeous young women talking about body issues. Listening to them talk about the faults in their bodies, the ugly bits and pieces and what they would love to have changed. It makes me sad.

Today I overheard two young women talk about all the things they thought were wrong. And funny enough for some reason the post I’m about to share as Blast Of The Past had a bit of traffic suddenly again today too. Coincidence? Maybe… but maybe also a reminder for all of us to not judge ourselves too harshly…

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The Quote Challenge Body – Day I

Not sure how many times I’ve participated in the quote challenge so far. I lost count. I love it so much though, that it really doesn’t matter. Thanks so much, Weaving Notions, for inviting me to participate.

The rules are pretty simple:

  • Thank the person who nominated you,
  • Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
  • Nominate 3 blogs each day for 3 consecutive days (I chose to nominate 1 per day).

I decided to give this round a theme again. As I have posted about body issues yesterday I thought it might be good to stick to it and go with “body” for this round.

Today I’d like to invite The Champa Tree to take part in the quote challenge. Feel free to follow my theme as well or post whichever quote you like to post.



Blast From The Past – Hey You!

They just said on my favorite show in a report that it’s a surprising fact that women struggle so much with their body image… Are you serious? How can it be surprising? How can it be surprising that every woman, every girl who is not a size 4 develops issues given the fact that every woman, every girl in every kind of advertising looks like she is the perfect size with the perfect curves and the perfect skin (thanks to Photoshop of course…)? How is it a surprise that we question ourselves, our bodies, if cloths sizes suddenly are adjusted? So that even if we did not change weight wise we don’t fit in the size we used to wear for years?

Stop being so hard on yourself! See your beauty, acknowledge it and be proud! Have a little conversation with yourself and be kind…

As a Blast From The Past a little conversation I had with myself often in the past and some thoughts about struggling with our bodies…

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Bloody Body Shaming

All my life I’ve been not only been blessed by looking okay and being healthy but also by not being around cruel, mean and manipulative people. Bullying in school for me only meant to be teased for the color of my hair. Never was I hurt to the extend where I couldn’t cope anymore.

Of course it was all a bit easier back then, as social media and the slaughtering on it was not a tool just yet. But kids could hurt. Words could scar. It just kind of disappeared in a way whereas now it is floating somewhere in the open space of the world wide web and will forever be around to maybe hit you again one day.

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