SL-Week 50: Fire


When I walk outside later in the day at the moment I can smell the fires. I can smell the burning wood and my memory immediately makes me feel the warmth the fireplaces must be giving inside our neighbors’ houses. I wish we would have a fireplace too. Nothing better than coming home from a winter day spent outside, being cold and then lighting a fire and sit there, listen to the cracking sound of the burning wood and warming slowly up. Silvain Landry chose this weeks photo challenge task Fire in the right moment. Only thinking about a nice fireplace or a beautiful campfire makes me feel warmer right away.

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When Everything Falls Apart

I read something the other day. It said that you shouldn’t worry when you watch everything fall apart. It said things would not fall apart but rather re-arrange themselves into something new. Like puzzle pieces that need to fall into place.

It was one of those moments that made me think how easy it is to say. How hard it would be to see it that way if you are in the position where you think everything is falling to pieces.

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One Word Photo Challenge – Wildfire

Every summer we have some pretty bad bush fires here in Australia. Fortunately we were never close enough to be able to capture pictures. It would freak me out to be honest. A couple of years ago it got really bad and many people lost their homes and way too many their lives. I admire the ones who returned back home to build up again but on the other side I also don’t understand why you would take the risk again. But I guess you’d always return to the place you call home…

Anyway… here are my two versions of a Wildfire. One from Switzerland and one from Down Under. They’re pretty tame ones, under control and for sure not big enough to be called a Wildfires. But in both cases it was a fire and it was in the “Wild” and that makes it a Wildfire, right 😉


Inspired by the OWPC by Jennifer Nichole Wells – Wildfire