Who Was In The Car?

Saturday night I didn’t sleep well. I woke up at 3am and just couldn’t fall asleep anymore. Not because I started thinking and over-thinking but just because I wasn’t tired anymore. Does that happen to you too sometimes?

While I was lying there, trying to fall asleep again or just to relax I started listening to what was going on outside. At this time of the night there is usually not much happening in our neighborhood. Every now and then, though, I could hear a car. And I started wondering who would be driving that car and why.

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SL-Week 42: Car


This week Silvain Landry asks for photos of cars for his Photo Challenge SL-Week. While the beautifully decorated mailbox does not feature a car but rather a tractor, it still is closely related to the challenge as the picture was taken on a roadtrip and out of our car. And in a way a tractor is kind of a car too… right?

I actually won one of Silvain’s challenges, the “Tree” one. You can find the post here. The picture that won is the second one. I got his notification this morning and it made me so happy! A good way to start the day 🙂


My blogging friend Erika challenged me to take part in the Freestyle Writing Challenge again and I think she might have done it on purpose because we seem to have the same “issues”. English isn’t my first language and writing something in a specific time without being able to edit it is for sure a challenge. Although I have to say that I sometimes sit down and write my posts and press publish right away (which you might have guessed probably by now…). So usually not much editing on this side ;-). Well then, here we go. First of all to the rules:

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Broken… something does not work anymore. It’s no longer in it’s original state. It doesn’t look nice anymore. Something can no longer be done. When something is broken it usually is not longer as good as it was before it got broken. But then there is Kintsugi which brings an entirely different meaning to being broken. I wanted to find out more about this Japanese art after The Crow Reborn mentioned it to me in a comment to one of my posts.

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