Blast From The Past – Pick Me Up

I remember it so vividly. How easy it was to just pick up my kids. Both of them. It’s no longer possible, as much as I’d like to sometimes. Even if I try they are so tall now…

When they were little and wanted to be picked up all the time I often thought that I can’t wait for it to be over. It’s physically challenging sometimes. And sometimes it’s not just the physical part but also a question of wanting some space. Space they give me now (and sometimes I don’t want it…).

And while they can no longer be just lifted up like this, I think all of us still crave for it occasionally. And when that moment is there, we find a way to at least get to a similar point by hugging and cuddling. The carrying… well that is no longer an option 😉

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Blast From The Past – Today I forgot My Phone

I was out on a hike again today. Seems like Friday is turning into the hike day… While we were out there in this beautiful forest which is a mix between a typical Australian forest and a typical European one, we talked about how fun it would be to take visitors from back home up there. In a way I figured that it might not be special to them. At least not as special as it is for us. Honestly, I think it’s fantastic to see all the kind of flowers we had back in Switzerland, the trees I grew up around while the normal flora here is so very different. But would it be so special to people who have it all the time back where they live? Maybe it would, given the combination of the gum and birch trees, the what seem to me so very typical European flowers and the one so common to Australia.

While out there I only use my phone to take pictures (as once again, I had left my camera at home…). It feels good to be “disconnected”. There were many things that made me think of a post I’ve written about a year ago. The fact that I feel unplugged while out there, which in itself is a great feeling but it was also the conversation about what guests would enjoy. It reminded me of being a tourist. It reminded me of what you go see when you travel and it reminded me of what Australian’s and many Americans in fact tell me about Switzerland and the places they visit(ed). Usually it’s always about the same places but more in my Blast From The Past.

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A Transplant


For a long time now I struggle with the expression “expat”. Our journey here in Australia for sure started off as being expats but it developed into so much more. When I write about this side of our lives, trying to describe the longing we had before moving and the experience we had afterwards, I always try to find the right expression.

The words Expat and immigrant just simply don’t cut it for me. Especially when I look at their definitions:

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Share Your Wold – 2016: Week 20

Hurray, it’s time for sharing my world again 🙂 I truly enjoy this challenge. Cee is doing a fantastic job coming up with great questions that are actually not only fun to answer but also make you think more about how you receive things or feel about them, like the one she asked us this time. If you have not done so yet, please give it a go and check out her Share Your World Challenge.

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“Life is a series of beginnings and endings.” How very true. There have been a series of beginnings and endings in my life and basically all of them are related to the thought “If you leave”. Thankfully we were able to leave together. At least ever since I’ve met my husband.

I’ve mentioned previously how important my family is to me. I couldn’t bear the thought of one of them leaving or me leaving them. I guess one day I will have to face it, given that my kids will grow up and eventually leave. And I will let them leave.

In order for someone to be able to return, you have to let go of them first.

So one day I will have to let them go. I will have to let them leave and I will have to hope that they will return happily. Return when they are still singles, return with their partners and hopefully return with their spouses and maybe one day with their children. Only time will tell.

But this doesn’t only apply to people.

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WordPress, You’ve Done It Again

I know I’m still a baby blogger here. I’ve not even been here for an entire year. And yet, I have to say: WordPress, you’ve done it again! You changed something that you’ve already changed (and called new and improved for whatever reason). And you probably think it has improved again.

Well, not in my books. I really dislike the new Reader. It’s a joke. It takes me forever to get to the actual blog. Click after click after click… And here I was thinking that you should avoid making your readers go through too many clicks. And yes, I do like to head over there and not just read the post in the Reader…

I’m very aware of the facts that I don’t really like changes and that this is another change of something I grew accustomed to. But seriously?

So I’ll go and rest my head (which is by the way still shaking in disbelief) on my pillow now…

Anyway. Maybe it’s just me… How do you like the new version?

Blast From The Past – What If?

Do you have those moments you ask yourself what would have happened if? If you would have the chance, would you go back and change what you did then? Do you believe you would end up somewhere else, with someone else, being different than the person you are today?

I sometimes ask myself this question. And I’ve written a post about it, which I decided to post again today as a blast from the past.

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