Color Your World – Fuchsia


Isn’t it amazing how many beautiful colors we can see in flowers? Soft, strong, all shades of all colors. I have to say I’m not a gardening person but I do love to smell flowers and look at them.

This week Jennifer Nicole Wells asked for the color Fuchsia in her Color Your World Challenge. The flowers that I captured here tick that box, I believe.





Color Your World




There always is an abundance of all kind of flowers on my favorite hike. Flowers that seem so similar to the ones that grew in Switzerland and then there are others that are “new” to me. At the very end of one of the hikes we like to do there is a long stretch of green and purple to one side and forest to the other. The deep green leaves and the purple of the flowers almost give the area a magic touch and my daughter and I often wonder, where all the fairies are hiding while we walk past.

I almost forgot about Jennifer Nicole Wells Color Your World Challenge. It’s not on for much longer but I will definitely make the most out of what is still left. This time it was about the color Purple Heart and I think my flowers fit that task…

purple heart



Color Your World – Copper

Copper is one of my favorite colors. Not just because my hair is copper or because my horse was a copper colored beautiful horse. Just because it’s such a warm color.

The pictures above were taken a little while ago while visiting Uluru. Not only Ayers Rock (Uluru) showcases the beautiful copper color but also the soil in the outback.

Inspired by Jennifer Nicole Wells Photo Challenge Color Your World – Copper



Color Your World – Shocking Pink

Here’s another interesting name of what I think is a great color: Shocking Pink! Now I wonder why it would be called shocking? Maybe because it’s shockingly bright? Or maybe it makes you shockingly aware of something?

Here’s what the color is supposed to look like:


And this is my take on the challenge:

shocking pink

Pretty shocking, isn’t it? Well guess what it is? Can you guess it? I wonder what you think it might be… Oh, okay, if you twist my arm: It’s my workout bra…


Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge Color Your World – Shocking Pink

Color Your World – Robin Egg Blue

Funny how you suddenly learn what the different shades of colors are called, just because you like to take part in someone’s photo challenge. I would have not known that there is a color existing called Robin Egg Blue. For those of you, like me, who had no clue so far, this is what the color looks like:

So I got curious and googled “Robin Eggs” and found this picture:

So they are indeed that shade of blue… Fantastic, isn’t it?! Long story short, here is my take on the challenge and I believe there is some Robin Egg Blue shade in this water, right?



Inspired by Jennifer Nichole Wells Photo Challenge Color Your World – Robin Egg Blue