3 Days, 3 Quotes, 3 Tags – Day 1

I’ve been recently nominated for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes, 3 Tags challenge by the mysterious cosistories. Mysterious just because her “About” or introduction which I still find one of the best ones out there. Don’t know cosistories? Well then head over! Time to see for yourself how the posts flow… And to you, AK, thanks heaps for nominating me for the challenge. I love quotes and therefore I love this challenge 🙂

Now to the challenge:

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About Sorry

We teach our kids to say sorry. We also teach them that they have to mean it. Saying sorry just so it’s said doesn’t change anything. You have to mean it. “Sorry” is one of the word that gets used easily, I find. Sometimes without any heart in it. It’s the polite way of interaction.

Where am I going with this? Frankly, I’m not sure. I just saw this post of a Facebook buddy of mine. A post in which she writes about how she constantly says sorry for everything. And that it’s time to stop doing this. 

It made me think about where it comes from because I have a tendency to do that too. Like the other day when I was waiting and waiting and my friend was so late. And then, when she arrived I had to leave. Although she was an hour late I apologized for having to leave after only seeing her for 30min rather than over an hour. 

Or when I apologize for finding something funny or for being tired. So many moments I say sorry for something I should not apologize for. I wonder why…

Is it the upbringing? Do we raise our kids the way they eventually feel they need to apologize for being successful, healthy, nice, smart, you name it? Just because it’s polite? Do we raise them to apologize for being pushed in a queu, rather then expecting the other person to say sorry. 

Sometimes telling the kids that they don’t need to apologize goes a long way. And I believe teaching them to apologize when they do something wrong and only say it if they really think what they’ve done was wrong might be the right thing. You have to mean it if you say it…


I wasn’t planning on making this my first post of the day (yes, it’s an early Tuesday morning here in Australia) but I simply couldn’t resist to share this amazing quote.

How true is that?! What a great way to see it and I can’t tell you how much I agree with this way of seeing it. 

I know how hard it is to endure all the crap people throw at you. Especially when it comes from people close to you. It hurts. And the crazy thing is that although you are hurt they keep going, claiming that they only want good things for you. They make you doubt yourself, doubt others in your life who mean well, question your ability to do things. They make you feel weak, stupid, small and take away your confidence. 

Until you turn things around. And all the layers they have rubbed off suddenly bring the real you to the surface. Once you see that, you’ll know how much they have actually given you and how much they have actually lost.

The Room To Be Yourself

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Our children mix with a lot of kids from all kind of different schools. They have a really good group of friends, all with similar values from what I can tell. It all happened by coincidence, you know. The way they found each other. Being home-schooled children, mine didn’t find their buddies in the classroom or playing during recreation. In a way it was life that brought them together.

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I consider this one of the most important lessons to teach my children. It’s a big step to get to the point where you don’t care about what other people think of you. It takes a lot to get to the point where you feel confident enough to not let other people’s opinions get to you. Where you simply know that you are good enough. Where you simply know that what you do is the right thing to do. Where you can say “I don’t care what you think”.

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We Need To Heal The Cause, Not The Symptoms!

Nothing more to add to this! I was waiting for this post for a couple of days now as I knew Erika was working on it. I think it’s exceptional!

Share Your Light


After the terrible happenings in the past weeks, I thought a lot about what causes people to act in violent, disrespectful, arrogant, devastating, hatred ways. Yes, it is racism, frustration, fanaticism. But those are only the symptoms. But what is the cause for such aggression and hatred against innocent people? I know this is a very delicate subject and I don’t claim to know the solution. There is so much about it. But to me, there are three important possible causes standing out.

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How to Change the Way You Talk To Yourself

Actually a lot to think about. I wonder how you guys approach it? Do you speak to yourselves? If you do, do you do it out loud or is the dialogue happening in your head?
I have two ways my dialogue happens and it depends on the situation. When I work out or clean I usually speak it out loud. It’s more controlled than when I have my dialogue in my mind. And it’s for sure much more positive. I realized that I tend to be harshly critical of myself when this chat happens in my head. Maybe it’s because I don’t have to speak out the words and I don’t hear them so clearly.
Danny is right, we need to work on the way we speak to ourselves. Be kind. Not just with others but with yourself too.

Dream Big, Dream Often

Have you tried and tried to change the way you speak negatively  to yourself, only to fail and fail again?

yell-anger-fight-man-mirror image credit: tbunews.com

Making any change can be hard, but changing this habit after years of reinforcement can be especially difficult.  The way you speak to yourself can affect so many parts of your life and can be the foundation for a good day or a bad day; or a happy life or a sad life.  For this reason I have come up with a quick list on how to change the way you talk to yourself.


…you must become aware of how you speak to yourself.   Sometimes people talk negatively to themselves and don’t realize how negative they really are.  Begin to pay attention to the particulars of your self-speak.  Do you tend to be negative towards yourself?  Do you use foul language?  Do you berate yourself…

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Blast From The Past – Hey You!

They just said on my favorite show in a report that it’s a surprising fact that women struggle so much with their body image… Are you serious? How can it be surprising? How can it be surprising that every woman, every girl who is not a size 4 develops issues given the fact that every woman, every girl in every kind of advertising looks like she is the perfect size with the perfect curves and the perfect skin (thanks to Photoshop of course…)? How is it a surprise that we question ourselves, our bodies, if cloths sizes suddenly are adjusted? So that even if we did not change weight wise we don’t fit in the size we used to wear for years?

Stop being so hard on yourself! See your beauty, acknowledge it and be proud! Have a little conversation with yourself and be kind…

As a Blast From The Past a little conversation I had with myself often in the past and some thoughts about struggling with our bodies…

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And it’s up! My guest post is featured on J.A. Allen’s fantastic blog. I’ve mentioned before that I have won the opportunity to write a guest post for her in her fantastic writing challenge. You should definitely check it out but quick, this week’s challenge wraps up on Saturday!

J. A. Allen

It’s all about Confidence, isn’t it?

What do you write about when you win the chance to guest blog for an amazing blog like this? It’s one thing to come up with one post after another about my life and my thoughts if it is for my blog. It’s my place and I can pretty much do with it what I like, right? But this here is so different.

This here is so much more.

I usually don’t take part in writing challenges. I will tell you a little bit more about the why in a little moment. This time though, after reading Ah Dad’s guest post, I couldn’t help myself. I really wanted to participate and after reading what was the task it all started coming together in my head. I have moments like this, believe me!zzz

So in one of those moments, my kids actually left…

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