The Drop

Image result for drop of water on rock

There is this saying in German which I can’t really translate at the moment into the right words. It describes that steady drop of water that keeps falling on the exact same spot on a rock. Over the time because of the consistency it will wear the stone out until finally it will actually create a hole in it.

Like with many things this saying can be used in many ways. In a positive one in which you describe the fact that you simply don’t give up and eventually reach your goal. But also in the negative way in the sense that steady actions will eventually leave their mark, no matter how strong someone or something is. I’m pretty sure that Danny by now knows where this is going, as I had a little “comment-conversation” with him lately following one of my comments on one of his question of the day posts.

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Struggle and Control

I’m back at the point where I struggle. I struggle with keeping on track with my healthy eating, although I approved again (and if only a little bit), I struggle with not being able to workout due to throwing my back out end of last week in the last exercise of my workout. And I struggle with the fact that I got slowed down once again.

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