Love Is All Around: Song A Day Challenge – Day 5

It is everywhere and it’s strong. Love. A deep feeling, that leaves us longing, gives us butterflies, happiness, blues but also a feeling of belonging. The most beautiful thing in life is when you find the right person to share it with, to walk next to each other, carry each other, lift each other up, support each other, make each other better. It’s about your “partner in crime”, the one you can steal horses with, the one you want to build on for the rest of your life. It’s about give and take.

I have found my other half and I’m sure glad I did. I know we have something special and I’m grateful for it every single day. We have a story. A story that started many years ago and is still a work in progress. I find a couple’s story one of the most beautiful things to hear or read and luckily many of you already shared yours with me to highlight on my blog in my feature Couples – Your Stories.

Do you have a story to share? A story about your special someone? I would love to hear it. It’s easy, you know. Just email it to (or leave the link to it in the comments) and I will share it on my blog and link back to yours. All those stories are special and every single one of them puts a smile on people’s faces 🙂

This is also my last post for the Song A Day Challenge. Thanks heaps to The Bag Lady, who has nominated me for this fun little exercise. Today I would like to invite For The Love Of Facts to participate. Have heaps of fun and I can’t wait to check out your song choices 😉

The rules are:

  • Post a song a Day for five consecutive days
  • Post what the lyrics mean to you ( optional)
  • Post the name of the song and video 
  • Nominate two different bloggers each day of the challenge.

Your Stories – Even Shopgirls Deserve A Little Wonderful! By Shopgirl Anonymous


It’s been a while since I shared one of the amazing love stories of my readers. Frankly, my dear blogging friend Shop Girl Anonymous has actually shared this story with me a long time ago but it seems like I have forgotten (so so so so so sorry…) to put it up… Here it is. Finally! Another wonderful love story, showcasing that we simply find to each other when time is right. Thank you so much, for sharing your story with me!

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Your Stories – Love at Eleven! By NocturnalMom Talks

This is another beautiful love story. Thank you so much for sharing the link to this post with me. I wish you many, many, many more beautiful years together xoxo.

If you have a love story to share, please let me know. You can either send me the link to it or write it all down for me to be put up on my blog. Just email me:

Nighttime Worker. Fulltime Momma.


It was 9 years ago when I had my own family. I was too young to become a mom and wife. Just 17 years old. Back then, I thought that at my age I should have been at parties and enjoying my college life but there I was, thinking about the future of the little life inside my tummy and my husband who’s as young as me. I was still studying that time and did not want to stop going to school. My dream is to finish my studies and my husband/bf gave way so I could fulfill my dreams. He worked hard to finance my schooling and to give our baby’s needs. He was 16. Fast forward 2016, now I have a stable job and I am helping him earn for our family’s future.

More than his perseverance to provide for our family, I will forever be grateful to…

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What’s Your Story?

What is your story? Your personal love story? The story of you and your partner? How did you meet, what did you feel? Was it love at first sight? Did you know?

I love sharing beautiful love stories on my blog. If you are in love, in a relationship, please tell your story. Share it with me and my readers bu simply email the story or the link to it to

I’ve shared many already and I think yours deserves to be among them too.

love kiss sex bonnie bennett jeremy gilbert


Blast From The Past – Bitter Sweet

Some of the most difficult questions from my children are the questions about love and relationship. Mainly because we all feel so different about it. Loving is different for all of us. The one thing we all have is that it’s a strong feeling. A feeling that can make you incredibly happy and light but also so deeply sad and heavy. So how do you explain the complexity of a feeling like this to your children. They know what love is. They love their parents, their siblings (even if sometimes it doesn’t seem like it). But they have not experienced the love to an “outsider” just yet.

When the question then moves on to finding reasons why some people find together, stay together and find themselves almost inseparable I find it hard to come up with an answer that feels enough. Because I have no answer. I simply don’t know why some relationships work and some don’t work.

I’d like to re-share a post form a couple of months ago that touches on the subject and I would love to hear what you guys think…

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Blast From The Past – Old Or Young

We’ve spent the day out hiking in one of the beautiful forests in the closer area. It was just one of those amazing spring days. A day you just want to spend outside. Spring is in the air and that definitely also applies to all the “lovebirds” out there. Today I did not only see young couples. I also watched some more senior ones. As much as young love is beautiful I find it truly wonderful to see an older couple together. Today reminded me of a post I wrote earlier this year, which I’d like to share as a Blast From The Past. I did it again… I assumed that the older couple has spent a lifetime together and I admired them for still being so much in love with each other. But did they really? Or did they just find each other?

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Your Stories – The Janitor! By Lifeinperspectiveweb


I love it when bloggers share their love stories. Tell it in their words. There is always something fascinating in how people meet, how life brings leads us to each other when the time is right, when our hearts are open. Thank you so much Lifeinperspectiveweb for sharing your story today. Sometimes the ride is smooth, sometimes it feels rocky. In the end it’s what we make of it and how we come out on the other side.

If you would like to share how you met your partner then please email your story to me. I’m more than happy to share it here 🙂

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Feeling Cheated On

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I had a post in my mind that I wanted to write today. But I totally forgot what it was about. Has that ever happened to you? Have you ever had a post clearly structured in your mind and then you forgot everything about it? I forgot about it because my mind got occupied with all the thoughts triggered by my reblog of the question “would you want to know” and the comments of all of you.

Triggered by a comment I believe we need to differentiate between would you want to know at all or would you rather not know forever. If you would find it out would you want your partner to be the bearer of the bad news or would it make no difference to you and the decision you’d make if your partner would break the news or someone else?

I’m not sure of course where you are at but I think I would want to know anyway. If you never know it’s a big secret to be kept. I get that in some cases it seems better to not say anything because of the impact it might have and because in the end it really didn’t matter that much. How can it not matter? It matters of course but in my books if it’s only been about sex then it doesn’t matter as much as if it includes more.

Yes, I call it “just” sex. Because I think that sex is not the most important ingredient in a working relationship. Hang on, not just in a working but actually in a good relationship. It’s not. It’s one of the spices you put in there but the basics are so many different things.

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Your Stories – A Love Story, 25 Years In The Making

Another beautiful love story I’m allowed to share on my blog. There’s love everywhere. The tricky part is to find it but when you do, you will know it…

Being Lydia!

25Twenty-five years (September 1, 1991) ago I drove North East with my good friend and her cousin. We were going to a tiny place called Seton Portage, where her other cousin, her husband, and their son lived.

We stayed in a motel which was right beside their house trailer and across from the bar/restaurant. Did I mention this place was tiny?

I wasn’t a real bar person so while they were all having drinks and playing pool, I sat over on the other side doing what I love to do, people-watching!

I walked up to the bar and there was a guy stocking the beer cooler and I asked for a root beer. We had a 5 or 10 minute conversation with the usual small-talk questions. We found out that we were both from the Lower Mainland. He was up helping his sister and brother-in-law who had just bought the…

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Your Stories – Even Shopgirls Deserve A Little Wonderful! By Shop Girl Anonymous


Look at that, another wonderful love story for me to share! How fantastic is that. It’s truly a good start into my new week. Stories like this one just put a smile on my face. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely story, Jessica. Usually I just put the link to the blog of the lovebird sharing the story up but in this case there are two links. Show Jessica some love and visit her blogs Shop Girl Anonymous and Step-Parent’s Sanctuary a visit. You will love the contents there. But now to her love story…

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