Your Stories – Phoenix, Or How We Met! By Cheer Up!

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Thank you so much, Mimi, for sharing your beautiful story. I think it is amazing to see how people meet, how it clicks in the most unlikely moments and places. In moments you don’t expect it. These are life’s true love stories.

If you have a story to share, please leave the link in the comments or email it to me. I would love to post it on my blog. Nothing better than a wonderful love story 🙂

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Your Stories – The Time I Had A Blind Date With An Eye Doctor! By Lutheranliar


When I red this post here, I asked Alice if she would share the story of how she met her Dude with me. She answered in now time, linking to her story on her blog. Another one of those beauties, the wonderful stories about how people find to each other. Thank you so very much, for allowing me to share your story, Alice!

I think it’s so funny how it either clicks or it doesn’t. How often the same trick doesn’t do it. People meet, have a good time but then go separate ways again. And then, when the time is right, when the chemistry is right, it clicks. It works. You find each other. This story here is another prove of how life works, how love works. How it brings people together.

If you have a love story to share with me, here on my blog, please let me know. Leave a link to the post in the comments or simply email your story to me so I put it on my blog. Please also mention the link to your blog in the email, so I can put it up as well. Can’t wait to read many more stories about love, friendship and companionship soon 🙂

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Your Stories – In Need Of A Friend! By MSnuButterflies

You all know how much I love a good love story. Usually I post and hope to get people to share their story with me. Sometimes I stumble across them reading other blogs. Like in this case. And then I reach out and ask if I’m allowed to share their story on my blog. Thank you so much MsnuButterflies for letting me share this touching love letter to your partner.

If you would like to share your story as well, please reach out! You can just email it to me ( and make sure that you put the link to your blog in the email. I will put it up and link back to your blog just like I did here. For those of you who are new to my blog, check out all the beautiful stories already shared here.

But now to the story…

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Your Stories – A Love That Covers 970 Miles! By Celia Alexandra

Isn’t it amazing to hear how couples met? What made them fall in love with each other? Celia Alexandra was happy to share her beautiful story with me to post it on my blog. Thank you so very much and I wish you two all the best for your future 🙂

If you have a beautiful relationship and would like to share your story, feel free to email me ( and I will share it on my blog and link back to yours. I hope you will enjoy what you are about to read as much as I did.

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Your Stories – She Was Everything! By Hillbilly Blogger

As you all know I love a good love story. I chase you all, trying to share your story with me. And sometimes I stumble across a post of one of you, sharing exactly that story. Like in this case. So I asked. I asked Hillbilly Blogger if I may share his beautiful love story here on my blog. It’s one of those stories that show, in which kind of way we connect. What the energy between us can do. And how intense it can be.

Thank you so very much, for letting me share your love story!

Remember, if you have a beautiful love story to share (yours, your parents or a good friend of yours), feel free to email me (

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Your Stories – Living My Dream! By Miriam

Nothing better than a real love story. I love to hear how people met and what made them fall in love with each other. I started my feature ‘Couples’ early on in my blogging journey and so far 50 stories have been shared. You can find them all here. Now let’s get to story number 51. It’s the story of Miriam and Doug. Please check out Miriam’s blog Out An’About. It’s a fantastic blog and thanks to her I discovered a nice little hike in our area. Thanks so much for sharing your story, Miriam. It’s a beautiful one. Life brings people together…

If you’d like to share your story with me just email ( it to me and I will put it up. Don’t forget to mention the link to your blog in your email…

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Your Stories – My Angel! By Danny

A little while ago I read this beautiful love letter (what else could you possibly call it) on Dream Big, Dream Often. I couldn’t help but ask Danny if he would share his love story with me for ‘Couples’. Much to my delight he said yes and here, ladies and gentlemen, is the love story of one of my favorite bloggers out there and his beautiful wife.

I love a good love story, so if you have one to tell, please don’t be shy. Send it to me ( so I can share it with my readers on this blog. There are many beautiful stories you can have a look at already listed in ‘Couples’. Just head over and enjoy reading them. But now, let’s find out how Danny met his beautiful Evelina…

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Your Stories – Still Choosing Each Other! By Making Time For Me

A wonderful story told by a fantastic blogger. Thank you so much, Stephanie, for sharing the story of your relationship with me. If you have a beautiful story to tell, please get in touch with me and either share the link to it on your blog or send me an email with your story in it ( I would love to read it and share it on my blog in ‘Couples‘ and ‘Your Stories‘. But enough of this. Let’s get to the real deal. Let’s get to the love story of the day…

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Your Stories – The Story Of Us! By Emma

Finally I have another beautiful love story to share for all of you to enjoy. It’s been a while since a blogger shared his or her story. Emma Explains It All… Badly is a blog that I just only discovered and of course I immediately loved the story about how she and her partner met. Thank you so very much for letting me share it here in ‘Couples’ and ‘Your Stories’.

As always: If you have a beautiful love story to tell, please do. Sometimes the story of how we met our partner doesn’t seem that exciting or special to us but, believe me, it’s always a beautiful story to outsiders. So give it a go and leave your link in the comments or start writing it down and email it to me when you are done ( But now, here’s Emma’s story:

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