Blast From The Past – Beer, Beard Or How I Met My Husband

It’s this special time of the year. The time when in Europe spring makes everything blossom (of course everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere). It’s the time Amor does his magic and some people actually fall in love. It’s the time of the year, Paris is is the prettiest… well, hang on… Paris is always pretty… Oh, let’s just get to the point: It’s the time of the year hubby and I celebrate the most special anniversary ever: The day we met. The interesting fact about it is, that I felt I was at a crossroad in my life. Not sure on which direction to go… It was a very interesting experience and once again life took over.

I don’t really know how many of you have read our story so far but I thought it would be the perfect time to share it again as a Blast From The Past and I hope you enjoy it and maybe it will inspire you to share your love story with me for my feature ‘Couples‘…

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