How You Deal With Situations…

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… Determines how people receive it. I strongly believe that your attitude has a huge impact on how people receive a situation. You can make it or break it by the way you react on things, by the way you carry yourself and by the way you communicate things to others. It’s up to you if you blow a situation out of proportion or if you make something major appear like a minor hiccup.

It’s something I learned over the many years of my life and especially working the job I used to have. I admit I did not always handle situations perfectly well and that’s probably why I can tell now how much of a difference your behavior can make.

In a couple of days I will start my block of work again. I’m looking forward to it so very much. It will bring back my little piece of the past, not just with the environment I will work in but also what I will be doing and people I will see and haven’t seen for the last 12 months or even longer.

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