Blast From The Past – The Hardest Part

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I know we are still far away from Christmas and although I mention Christmas in here very often essentially the post is not about Christmas.

It’s about having a hard time and feeling even worse while others feel so cheerful. Actually it’s mostly about asking for help. Because that is a difficult thing. No matter what situation you are in. And it gets even more difficult the closer we get to the end of the year. With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up one after the other this time’s supposed to be about happiness, being thankful, being cheerful. It’s supposed to be about joy and laughter. About family gatherings and friends. About lights.

For some it’s none of it.

It can be a lonely time if you are not well or if you have other struggles to deal with. It can be dark.

Maybe it’s because I recently read a post about suicide and a post about financial struggles that I thought of the following post I’m about to share as Blast From The Past (which I wrote around Christmas time last year). Maybe it’s the time of the year.

In any case: Remember that asking for help is not as easy as it looks. Remember that people who reach out to you have most probably already reached a point where they don’t know any other way out and might feel cornered. So cut them some slack. Be there for them. Be understanding. Listen.

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