What I Want vs What I Do…

All I can say: Thank God it’s winter here! At least I don’t have to worry about a bikini body right now but have basically 4-5 months to get my habits back on track again… not that it’s really about the bikini.

It’s more about feeling comfortable in my skin again and frankly, I don’t right now. So time to get back on track 😉

My Body


Isn’t it crazy how much influence the opinion of others has in regards to the way we see our body, the way we feel in our skin?

If you have followed me for a while you know that I post about my healthy eating and workout plans on occasion. I had made big plans for the end of this year but my body and my mind did not play along the way I had thought they would. I’m still on it and I will not drop my goals or let the fact that I have not reached my ideal weight discourage me. As with many things I’ll simply keep moving forward.

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Time To Pull Myself Together…

… again and focus on healthier eating again rather than only the exercise. Thanks, Silver Threading, for reminding me about what I promised myself at the beginning of this year (see here). The year actually started off really successful but then I got sidelined by a terrible flu in the middle of it and honestly almost totally lost track of what I promised myself I’d do.

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Plant An Issue

“How much influence do mothers have on their daughters’ views of their bodies? A social experiment in the US shows how mothers often unknowingly share their own body image issues – an innocent comment about tight jeans or wanting to lose weight can impact a child and teach them to worry as well.”

This just popped up in my Facebook feed and I when the author of this at the end asked about our thoughts all I could think of was the word “yes”.

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Thought I give you a little update on my journey to a healthier and fitter self.

The week did not really go according to plans. It already started with not sticking to my detox days on Monday and Tuesday, due to all sort of excuses. Oh well… Although I did not manage to start the week with those detox days, I managed to stick for most of the remaining week to a healthier eating approach.

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Do You Walk?

For many years “Coach” and I have been good friends and we both had our ups and downs… weight-wise. Throughout our journey there was one thing which never changed: Our support for each other and the motivation that came with it. At some point over these years I started calling him ‘Coach’ because he always did, what a coach is supposed to do. He motivated me and he inspired me and I knew he meant what he said because he was there too. He actually had bigger ups and bigger downs weight-wise than I. He always knew what he was talking about.

We now want to share our experience with you and hope that you will find some kind of inspiration and maybe even share your thoughts, struggles or successes with us here. – Momma & Coach

ex motivation

‘Do you walk?’

‘Has he really just asked me that?! Of course I walk, I just walked in here didn’t I?!’ It was one of these moments when things just seem to slow down around you and it feels like you have time for dozens of thoughts to cross your mind before you even start to respond. The only other time I had experienced that first hand, was when I was involved in a motorcycle accident and I thought I should have enough time to get out of the way of the car that was pulling out into my front wheel. I meekly answered ‘Yes, I do walk’.

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Blast From The Past – Body Issues

A little “Blast from the Past” today. I decided to reblog an older post of mine, one of my very first posts actually. I chose this post as it is something I am thinking about a lot at the moment, as we are clearly stepping into the summer time over here now.

I am not skinny and I don’t think I am big either. I did not feel the need to edit it. So here you go:

My body is not considered unhealthy. Still I have body issues. I do believe I need to loose weight. My tummy is not as flat as it used to be b.k. (before kids) but I can also not entirely blame it on being a mom… I do love my food and for sure I do love a good glass of wine. Or two. Or sometimes even more…

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