The Drop

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There is this saying in German which I can’t really translate at the moment into the right words. It describes that steady drop of water that keeps falling on the exact same spot on a rock. Over the time because of the consistency it will wear the stone out until finally it will actually create a hole in it.

Like with many things this saying can be used in many ways. In a positive one in which you describe the fact that you simply don’t give up and eventually reach your goal. But also in the negative way in the sense that steady actions will eventually leave their mark, no matter how strong someone or something is. I’m pretty sure that Danny by now knows where this is going, as I had a little “comment-conversation” with him lately following one of my comments on one of his question of the day posts.

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A Path Worth Taking

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The past year has taught me many lessons. One of them was for sure that being myself is what it’s all about. It’s a lesson that not only 2016 has taught me but previous years too. It just took me a while to get there.

I think realizing that you are actually good enough the way you are and that you can build on that to move forward takes time. It takes a lot of time. And while you are learning that lesson there will be plenty of people telling you that you should be different. That you should fit into a niche. A niche that was chosen by them. A niche that suits their ideas, their purposes. When those people are people close to you, people who have had a massive influence on all of your life you listen to them. You trust them.

You trust that they only want the best for you.

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A Retrospective

In the past years my little retrospective on the months that have past was usually done on midnight on New Years Eve. This time thought, I just didn’t want to do it. I wanted to focus forward. I had plans to keep my gaze to the future rather than the past. Or at least just stay in the moment, enjoying the company of my family and celebrating the change of the year.

I had a plan. As so often though, my plan did not really work out.

I simply got overwhelmed. Overwhelmed by all that had happened, all the feelings that were inside of me, well under control for week after week after week.

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Finding My Place


I just finished reading an amazing post written by Erika Kind. It’s about the question if we would do it again. I think we all have slightly different opinions about it. Not everyone would run from the chance to go back in time and change something. Not everyone will tell you that they, no matter what, would do everything the same way again because they are happy with where they are now.

Erika mentions a friend in her post who says that he would head back as he believes that life would take him to the same spot just following another path. It is honestly something I believe in too.

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Between Perfection And Reality

We all know those picture of the beautiful and perfectly styled house, of the living room that looks to die for, the bedroom presented in the most perfect manner, the children perfectly dressed and perfect hairstyles. We know the pictures of the perfect dishes, making drool when just only look at them. A perfect world presented in a perfect magazine, in its perfect world where even a stew or porridge looks amazing.

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Child Safety

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I attended a child safety and protection course for sport clubs yesterday. It was something I felt I should do in my volunteer role. Now, I did not have many details. All I knew was that it was all about creating or making policies of sports club that are in place stricter and the environment for the children involved safer.

Maybe it’s my way of thinking but for some reason I expected them to talk about uneven grounds, twisted ankles, maybe issues with overly excited parents, referees other players. But I didn’t expect to talk about sexual abuse.

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4 Seasons

Melbourne is well know for it’s 4 seasons. Not just in a year but also in one day. I kid you knot. We truly can go from scorching hot to freezing cold, from dry to wet in one day. Back in Switzerland we used to call it April weather… It just changes and surprises you, messes with you, surprises you, makes fun of you.

Having moved to Melbourne from Switzerland meant not only a language change but also experiencing the seasons in a different way. What my children grow up with in regards to the four seasons they consider normal is so totally different to what I experienced.

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I can’t remember a time in my life when I didn’t have a pet. There were always dogs and at one point I actually decided to turn one of our dogs into a horse, or better a pony. He didn’t have to wear a saddle. I guess that went to far even for my Dad. But I decided that I needed to ride on him. He was a big dog. Some kind of German Shepard mix. I’m pretty sure that my Dad was lifting me up while I was on the dogs back but made it seem like I was actually riding the poor animal. I must have been 4ish back then…

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Standing Up For What You Think Is Right – A Blast From The Past

In the light of the turmoil which is going on at this very moment I thought a lot about where it all is coming from. Where and why did it start. And I’m not talking about slavery and where we went from there. I don’t want to take anything away from Erika Kind, who has scheduled a post about this very question for coming Monday (can’t wait to read it), but the little exchange we had over the last couple of days made me think. We both asked ourselves and each other the same question: When did it happen? When did it go wrong and why? And why not the other way around?

I believe it’s crucial that we finally accept that we are all the same. No matter what the color of our skin is. No matter what or who we believe in. There is no black or white or yellow or red. It doesn’t matter who we love and why. All that counts is if we are good or bad. Our personality, our character.

I see why people are frustrated. Frustrated to the point where their frustration unleashes in a blind violent way, not considering what kind of damage it will cause. It has to stop. We have to stop. There is another way. We just need to head down this path.

I’d like to share a story with you, a post I’ve written about a year go. I added some additional thoughts to the original text. After all it’s mine and I can, right 😉

Let’s hope we all will stand up for what is right. Do it. But do it in a peaceful, meaningful way.

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Outer Layers

What story do the things you wear tell about you?

In short probably that I’m a jeans, t-shirt and yoga pants person… Is that a good thing? Is that how I define my style? Not so sure about that…

I think if what I wear would describe my personality I would most probably be labeled “lost”.

Here is my dilemma: I don’t feel comfortable when shopping for cloths. I often wonder if I truly have a style. And what it is… I like my jeans, I like my t-shirts, I like my yoga pants. And at the same time I like my dresses, my skirts, my heels. Problem is, that I wear jeans, t-shirts and yoga pants 90% of the time. Or even more…


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