Here And Now

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How often do we find ourselves thinking about what we will do in the future, making plans or maybe pushing things out instead of working on them right now. It’s often the things we don’t address immediately that we either not like doing or we think we still have plenty of time doing later. Sometimes later though will never come.

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Am I Ugly?

We’ve all been there. We all have questioned ourselves about the way we look, the numbers on our scale, our bad hair day… What I think is shocking though is how insecure young people are. Not sure if it is because I’m kind of paying more attention to it being a mother now or if it has become worse.

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Open Minded

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Throw the word open minded at me and I will start talking. Or writing in this case. Funny enough I just got called out by a friend of mine following a FB comment I made about traveling to India.

It was a comment following the news that India’s tourism minister has warned female tourists to not wear skirts “for their own safety” while visiting India. My reaction to it was short: Why would you want to travel to India, supporting an attitude like that?

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The Story Behind A Door

I find doors intriguing, especially the imagined ones. We never truly know what lies behind a closed door. We only can imagine. The outside might look neat and clean and pretty but on the inside it could be a totally different story. Same the other way around. I believe this does not only apply to houses with their real doors but also to people and what they show us.

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I love the picture they chose to underline the statement. All those little obstacles, the incline in one way and the smooth, straight path on the other side. A crossroad and we have to make a decision which side to choose. We all know that this represents life. Everyone’s life.

See, I don’t believe that there are people out there who never encounter(ed) obstacles in their life. It’s just not happening. And yet with some it seems they had a smooth ride all along and will always just simply cruise along. But that’s only that one layer we see. We really have no idea of what lies underneath, where and when they faced their struggles.

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Fall – How It Is Now

It’s a chilly morning. A chilly 8C here, where I live. If I wouldn’t know better I would now claim that there was actually a bit of morning frost in some places in the shade this morning. But I guess 8C is not cold enough for that just yet and I doubt that the temperature actually dropped below this mark last night.

Fall has arrived in Down Under, while spring is slowly gaining the upper hand in Up Over. It still brings a smile to my face. Everything is the other way around…

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